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Monday, 28 October 2013

Regional Leagues - Results/Standings (October 27th)

Kyushu League

1Mashiki Renaissance Kumamoto118303582727
2Melsa Kumamoto FC117221913623
3Kunimi FC107123272522
4Anclas Youth1071237132422
5Yanagigaura High School1171328141422
6Nakatsu FC Pomato116142020019
7Oita Trinita113442320313
8Fukuoka University113261514111
9Alegre Caminho113081439-259
10Fukuoka Jo Gakuin High School113081036-269
11Kumamoto United SC111281442-285
12New Wave Kitakyushu11119425-214

October 27th:
Mashiki Renaissance Kumamoto  3 - 1  Kumamoto United SC
Oita Trinita  6 - 0  Alegre Caminho
Anclas Youth  10 - 0  Fukuoka Jo Gakuin Junior & Senior High School
Melsa Kumamoto FC  1 - 1  Fukuoka University
New Wave Kitakyushu  0 - 5  Kunimi FC
Nakatsu FC Pomato  1 - 5  Yanagigaura High School

Tokai League Division Two

1Aichi Toho University77002822621
2FC Project Sonia85031510515
3Toyota Ladies F.C.94051221-912
4Tokoha Gakuen JHS2200200206
5Juven F.C.8206629-236
6Kanbara Club Megere6006423-190

October 27th:
Juven F.C.  3 - 1  Kanbara Club Megere

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