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Monday, 30 June 2014

Liga Student Results and Standings (June 29th)

Tohoku League Group B

1Meisei High School44002622412
2Seiwa Gakuen High School21016243
3Tohoku High School21016513
4Mizusawa High School4103323-203
5Tsuruoka Higashi High School2002110-90

June 26th:
Mizusawa High School  3 - 1  Tsuruoka Higashi High School

Kanto League Group B

1Musashigaoka College761028101819
2Kanto Gakuen University64112481613
3Keio University7412189913
4Tokyo Women's College of P.E.63031517-29
5Makuhari Sohgoh High School62131317-47
6Seiritsu Gakuen High School51131011-14
7Honjo Daiichi High School6105429-253
8Murata Girls' High School5014314-111

June 28th:
Makuhari Sohgoh High School  2 - 2  Murata Girls' High School

Kanto League Group C

1Kanagawa University76013782918
2Shonan Gakuin High School74122114713
3University of Tsukuba530212669
4Shutoku Senior High School52219728
5Tokyo Met. Asuka High School421115967
6Daito Bunka University7214241957
7Kuki High School6105838-303
8Ota Municipal Comm. High School5014227-251

June 28th:
Shonan Gakuin High School  5 - 1  Kuki High School

Kansai League Group A

1Hinomoto Gakuen Senior HS3300100109
2Himeji Dokkyo University430114599
3Tokuyama University53026519
4Daisho Gakuen High School520379-26
5Mukogawa Women's University520369-36
6Osaka Seisho High School4004217-150

June 29th:
Himeji Dokkyo University  2 - 3  Daisho Gakuen High School

Kansai League Group B

1Kibi International University43101431110
2Okayama Sakuyo High School421110557
3Osaka University of HSS513113856
4Kobe Shinwa Women's University3111711-44
5Osaka Toin High School302167-12
6Kyoto Seika Gakuen High School3003218-160

June 29th:
Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences  0 - 1  Kibi International University

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