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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Challenge League Tenth Round

Tokiwagi Gakuen High School  3 - 4  Ehime FC Ladies
(Attendance: 100)

This game was played on July 20th

Ehime visited a wet and rainy Shichigahama looking to end a three-game losing streak which had seen them slide down the table. Tokiwagi Gakuen's younger players had travelled with their manager to the US for the USA Cup and therefore only their more senior players were available.

The home side took the lead after just four minutes, Kawamura Akari turning a Kobayashi Rikako cross into her own net. Ehime came back with vigour and were level after Ogawa Manami slid home a Kariya Maiko cross from the left. Indeed, Tokiwagi Gakuen were having significant trouble defending that side of the pitch and the Ehime players took full advantage, though were unable to find another goal before half-time, despite numerous chances.

In the 66th minute, and against the run of play, Tokiwagi Gakuen again took the lead, this time through Shiraki Akari, who trapped a Kawasaki pass well before turning and shooting past Ueno.

Ehime have crumbled in recent games when behind, but quickly found themselves in the lead, with Ogawa the hat-trick heroine. Both goals came from close range, her first from a Tagami pass and the second from a Haruyama header which Tokiwagi failed to deal with.

In additional time Kushiyama scored a very similar goal to make it a two-goal margin, which quickly became a one-goal margin when Tokiwagi substitute Komori Aoi followed up on a drop by Ueno to score her third goal in two games.

At the final whistle the Ehime players were clearly delighted to have beaten the champions, and look forward to welcoming Takatsuki on August 9th. Tokiwagi Gakuen play again next Sunday as they have a number of games in hand. They host Bunnys Kyoto and nothing less than a win is expected.

The visiting Ehime brought in goalkeeper Ueno Yukuko and Ogawa Manami into midfield
Kobayashi Rikako beats Kamata Ran to cross the ball...
where Kawamura Akari is unfortunate in turning the ball into her own net
Ehime caused havoc down the left, here Kariya Maiko crosses for the incoming Ogawa Manami...
who gets to the ball ahead of Okada to score the equaliser for Ehime
Shiraki Akari shows strength to hold on to the ball, turn and shoot...
with the shot beating Ueno to give Tokiwagi Gakuen the lead against the run of play
Ogawa scores again to level things up, with substitute Tagami Natsumi the supplier this time
Ogawa completes her first ever league hat-trick as the Tokiwagi Gakuen defence struggled to clear
Kushiyama Saki scores Ehime's final goal in additional time to seal an impressive victory
The Ehime players celebrate with their traditional victory dance

Tokiwagi Gakuen High School:
Okada Mari, Kawasaki Saya, Asari Iku, Ichise Nana, Genseki Kiyoka, Kobayashi Nanako, Nishikawa Ayaka (capt), Shiraki Akari, Sugihara Haruna, Kobayashi Rikako, Mitsuhashi Asuka
Subs: Takahashi Anna (Mitsuhashi Asuka, HT), Komori Aoi (Kobayashi Nanako, 62 mins), Kadowaki Shihomi (Sugihara Haruna, 81 mins)
Unused subs: Ono Asuka, Fujino Suzuka
Scorers: Own Goal (4 mins), Shiraki Akari (66 mins), Komori Aoi (90+2 mins)

Ehime FC Ladies:
Ueno Yukiko, Kamata Ran, Nishimura Nozomi, Nishigawa Sayumi (capt), Iwamoto Yuka, Yamashiro Miyuki, Kawamura Akari, Kariya Maiko, Ogawa Manami, Akune Mana, Haruyama Saori
Subs: Tagami Natsumi (Akune Mana, 52 mins), Kushiyama Saki (Kawamura Akari, 75 mins), Yamada Maya (Haruyama Saori, 90+1 mins)
Unused subs: Osako Hanako, Mukaidani Ayaka
Scorers: Ogawa Manami (13, 76, 78 mins), Kushiyama Saki (90+1 mins)

JFA Academy Fukushima  3 - 1  Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies
(Attendance: 196)

Cerezo Osaka Sakai were unable to build on the point gained against the JSCL in this schoolgirl battle, with Okuma Rana scoring twice in the 47th and 71st minute, Ikeda Mao adding the third for the Academy after Tamazakura Kotono had pulled one back for the away side.

Cerezo Osaka play Shizuoka Sangyo next Sunday, the JFA Academy have won five of their last six games and can continue in this vein against Ange Violet in Hiroshima on the same day.

JFA Academy Fukushima:
Asano Natsumi, Nakajo Yui, Hashinuma Maho (capt), Hirata Mai, Takahira Miyu, Ibaraki Mitsuba, Tachibana Yo, Takahashi Fuko, Morita Umi, Ueda Yuriko, Okuma Rana
Subs: Moriya Miyabi (Ueda Yuriko, HT), Mizutani Yuki (Morita Umi, HT), Ikeda Mao (Takahashi Fuko, 66 mins), Akimoto Haruka (Mizutani Yuki, 89 mins)
Unused subs: Hannah Stambaugh
Scorers: Okuma Rana (47, 71 mins), Ikeda Mao (85 mins)

Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies:
Fukunaga Erika, Hashimitsu Kyoka, Wakisaka Reina, Takarada Saori, Morinaka Hina, Furusawa Rui, Hayashi Honoka, Yakata Miyu, Matsubara Shiho, Maegawa Miki, Nishida Meika (capt)
Subs: Azuma Manami (Hashimitsu Kyoka, 62 mins), Nojima Sakura (Yakata Miyu, 62 mins), Tamazakura Kotono (Nishida Meika, 62 mins), Fujiwara Nodoka (Morinaka Hina, 87 mins), Nishinaka Maho (Fukunaga Erika, 89 mins)
Scorers: Tamazakura Kotono (75 mins)

AC Nagano Parceiro Ladies  1 - 3  Speranza FC Osaka Takatsuki
(Attendance: 852)

Takatsuki maintain their lead at the top of the table and look destined to return to the top division if they can maintain this form. Scoreless at half-time, the match exploded into life after 52 minutes, when Maruyama scored her second goal of the season from the spot. Urasaki Yuka was sent off for the challenge, but eight minutes later the league's top scorer Yokoyama Kumi equalised for Nagano. With only ten players though, Nagano were unable to contain the Takatsuki forward line, and on 64 minutes Hazuki put the visitors back into the lead. Entering additional time, Tsuboi scored her third of the season.

Takatsuki are at home to the JSCL next Sunday, Nagano travel to another promotion-chasing side, Nojima Stella Kanagawa Sagamihara.

AC Nagano Parceiro Ladies:
Ikegaya Natsumi, Oshima Nozomi, Yajima Yuki, Tanaka Nami (capt), Yoshida Aoi, Urasaki Yuka, Uchiyama Tomoyo, Shigemasa Kai, Hamagaki Kana, Hashiura Satsuki, Yokoyama Kumi
Subs: Kanefuda Anzu (Yoshida Aoi, 54 mins)
Unused subs: Hatano Saki, Makii Kasane, Wada Makoto, Uchiyama Tomoka
Scorers: Yokoyama Kumi (60 mins)
Sent off: Urasaki Yuka

Speranza FC Osaka Takatsuki:
Ono Maya, Tsuboi Ayako, Hatanaka Miyuka, Akiba Yumeko, Yoshimura Midori, Torao Naomi, Hazuki Yuki, Narumiya Yui, Saito Toshiko, Sato Kaede (capt), Maruyama Karina
Subs: Hirano Satoko (Sato Kaede, 75 mins), Shimamura Yuko (Maruyama Karina, 80 mins), Yoshioka Haruka (Saito Toshiko, 90+3 mins)
Unused subs: Gocho Misaki, Horiuchi Sayaka
Scorers: Maruyama Karina (52 mins, pen), Hazuki Yuki (64 mins), Tsuboi Ayako (90 mins)

Japan Soccer College Ladies  3 - 1  Ange Violet Hiroshima
(Attendance: 85)

The JSCL beat Ange Violet to move onto eleven points and are likely to stay well clear of relegation worries. Ishibuchi Yuki scored her first goal since moving from Sfida Setagaya, and Nakashima Ayaka scored her first of the season as the JSCL went in 2-0 up at half-tim. Ange Violet pulled a goal back seven minutes into the second half from Takeda Yuki. The Hiroshima side had far more of the ball in the second half but it was the JSCL who scored the final goal, Toriumi Mai with her second penalty of the season.

Japan Soccer College Ladies:
Kawashima Kana, Nomura Natsumi, Takahashi Sakura, Kusakari Ayako (capt), Sano Saki, Kudo Asami, Nakashima Ayaka, Sakaguchi Yuki, Toriumi Mai, Iwasaki Manami, Ishibuchi Yuki
Subs: Yoneda Saki (Iwasaki Manami, 90+1 mins)
Unused subs: Endo Honami, Hasegawa Mai, Tadano Yuki, Toyota Yuri
Scorers: Ishibuchi Yuki (29 mins), Nakashima Ayaka (43 mins), Toriumi Mai (90+2 mins, pen)

Ange Violet Hiroshima:
Uetani Kumiko, Kitagawa Kana, Yamashita Kurumi, Tanaka Ayako (capt), Mizuno Yuri, Saihara Mizuki, Takeda Yuki, Enya Mari, Ichikawa Sonoka, Katsurama Fumina, Yamagata Hisami
Subs: Tokoro Yuka (Saihara Mizuki, 20 mins), Konishi Natsuki (Yamagata Hisami, 27 mins), Uozumi Arisa (Ichikawa Sonoka, 73 mins), Yamashita Mayumi (Tokoro Yuka, 88 mins)
Unused subs: Kameda Megumi
Scorers: Takeda Yuki (52 mins)

AS Harima Albion  1 - 0  Fukuoka J. Anclas
(Attendance: 186)

AS Harima Albion's fourth 1-0 win of the season sees them recover from two straight and a consolidation of a top six place. Having recovered from a disasterous start to the season, Fukuoka have again succumbed to a succession of defeats, this their third in a row. The only goal came in the 51st minute, Shiba Sonoka with her first league goal.

Fukuoka should win next week against Shimizu Daihachi, with Harima also expecting to win against Ehime, though it certainly won't be as easy.

AS Harima Albion:
Kirihata Kotono, Minami Chiho, Nishiyama Emi, Kitagawa Wakana, Sakai Nozomi, Fujimoto Madoka (capt), Okajima Eri, Nakajima Chihiro, Shirota Miki, Chiba Sonoko, Koyano Yuu
Subs: Murakawa Saki (Koyano Yuu, HT), Saito Manami (Okajima Eri, 69 mins)
Unused subs: Sugimoto Aoi, Hasatani Toko, Sugiyama Yuka
Scorers: Chiba Sonoko (51 mins)
Booked: Nishiyama Emi

Fukuoka J. Anclas:
Kishi Hoshimi, Yanagita Shiori, Hanada Aiko (capt), Ito Chisa, Fujisawa Marin, Ukita Kotone, Doi Narumi, Doshita Misato, Yoshizawa Ai, Fujimoto Yuki, Marugata Rie
Subs: Iimura Ami (Yanagita Shiori, 82 mins), Takahashi Chizuru (Yoshizawa Ai, 77 mins), Fukui Shihori (Marugata Rie, 61 mins)
Unused subs: Shimada Megumi
Booked: Yoshizawa Ai, Ito Chisa

Sfida Setagaya FC  1 - 1  Nittaidai Football Club Ladies
(Attendance: 385)

Local rivals Setagaya and Nittaidai played out an eventful draw in Setagaya today, with Hirata Hikari breaking the deadlock in the 68th minute - her third goal in nine substitute appearances to date. Seven minutes later Setagaya equalised when Shimojo Aya finished off after Tanaka Marina saw her penalty saved by Inoue Nene. There was further late drama when Nagashima Hikari was sent off for her second bookable offence.

Setagaya are away to Bunnys next weekend hoping a win will keep them ahead of Nojima; Nittaidai host Tokiwagi Gakuen in Yokohama.

Sfida Setagaya FC:
Kawamura Yuki, Fukuhara Nao, Tanaka Marina, Okada Ayame, Sunoki Yurie, Tanaka Mariko, Nagata Maya (capt), Nagasawa Yume, Kuwahara Yoshie, Shimojo Aya, Nagasaki Akane
Subs: Usuda Haruka (Nagasaki Akane, 77 mins), Hasegawa Aoi (Nagasawa Yume, 81 mins), Shano Miki (Shimojo Aya, 90+1 mins)
Unused subs: Sakuragi Ayana, Kawashima Tamai
Scorers: Shimojo Aya (75 mins)
Booked: Tanaka Marina

Nittaidai Football Club Ladies:
Inoue Nene, Sakurai Mayuka, Haza Hisui, Abe Rie, Nozu Erika, Nagashima Hikari, Goto Ami, Kojima Wakiko, Fuse Kanako, Maeda Risa, Uemura Shoko
Subs: Yamakawa Natsuki (Fuse Kanako, 57 mins), Hirata Hikari (Kojima Wakiko, 65 mins), Enokidani Misaki (Maeda Risa, 90+1 mins)
Unused subs: Yamamoto Arisa, Oki Shiho
Scorers: Hirata Hikari (68 mins)
Sent off: Nagashima Hikari

Shimizu Daihachi Pleiades  0 - 1  Nojima Stella Kanagawa Sagamihara
(Attendance: 196)

Shimizu Daihachi Pleiades withstood an onslaught from Nojima but in the end it wasn't enough as they lost to a single goal, the ball scrambled home by Omiya Reona in the 59th minute. It certainly wasn't the high-scoring game that Nojima would have expected, though it was enough to take them joint second with Setagaya.

Shimizu stay second from bottom and need to pick up points whenever possible; Nojima likewise cannot afford any more defeats - three in the first ten games has been a poor showing - they next play Nagano in a must-win game for both sides.

Shimizu Daihachi Pleiades:
Maruyama Kimi, Kobayashi Natsumi, Taniguchi Emi, Oda Sayaka, Hirukawa Mio, Miyagawa Tomoko, Kanashiro Wakana (capt), Sato Kaede, Yamaki Kotomi, Miura Kyoko, Kawasumi Saki
Subs: Kawachi Erika (Hirukawa Mio, 67 mins), Baba Sayumi (Miyagawa Tomoko, 78 mins), Matsushita Norimi (Sato Kaede, 85 mins), Inoue Yurie (Kawasumi Saki, 90+1 mins)

Nojima Stella Kanagawa Sagamihara:
Kobayashi Shiori, Goto Maika, Terada Reiko, Yoshida Ayaka (capt), Kinjo Airi, Yoshimi Natsuki, Omiya Reona, Kanai Nanae, Inoue Yurie, Minamino Arisa, Kawarazaki Nozomi
Subs: Nagasawa Madoka (Kinjo Airi, 57 mins)
Unused subs: Nanjo Masayo, Nishimura Atsumi, Oyama Saki, Saito Haruna
Scorers: Omiya Reona (59 mins)

Shizuoka Sangyo University Iwata Bonita  2 - 1  Bunnys Kyoto SC
(Attendance: 108)

Shizuoka Sangyo raced into a two goal lead in the first ten minutes, the goals scored by Kanno and Hirano. Bunnys pulled a goal back on the hour, Yamamoto Yumi with her first of the season. Shizuoka move onto twelve points while Bunnys have just eight, though still remain five points ahead of Shimizu Daihachi. They are at home to Setagaya next Saturday; Shizuoka are away to bottom side Cerezo Osaka Sakai.

Shizuoka Sangyo University Iwata Bonita:
Inukai Ayano, Suzuki Rina, Nakase Akane, Nishiyama Mei, Takahata Airi, Shimamura Kumiko, Kubota Mitsuki, Kanno Mie, Oda Kanna, Kitaoka Chiaki, Hirano Asami (capt)
Subs: Atsumi Yuka (Shimamura Kumiko, 65 mins), Shiroshita Chinatsu (Kitaoka Chiaki, 71 mins)
Unused subs: Terada Ikumi, Miyazaki Kaoru, Komagata Nana
Scorers: Kanno Mie (7 mins), Hirano Asami (10 mins)
Booked: Oda Kanna

Bunnys Kyoto SC:
Konno Mai, Akamine Mizuki, Saito Hitomi (capt), Akiyama Ryo, Kawano Maaya, Sawada Yuka, Yamamoto Yumi, Matsuda Nozomi, Shibuya Yumiko, Hanazaki Rena, Oshima Sayuri
Subs: Yamashita Yu (Hanazaki Rena, HT)
Unused subs: Yamaguchi Yurie, Fuchibe Mami, Masuda Kasumi
Scorers: Yamamoto Yumi (60 mins)

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