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Monday, 2 June 2014

Liga Student Results and Standings (June 1st)

Tohoku League Group A

1Sendai Ikuei Gakuen High School21019363
2Yamagata University11006063
3Tokiwagi Gakuen High School11003033
4Haguro High School100106-60
5Meioh High School100109-90

June 1st:
Haguro High School  0 - 6  Yamagata University / Tohoku University of Community Service and Science

Kanto League Group C

1Kanagawa University5401147712
2Shonan Gakuin High School5311169710
3Tokyo Met. Asuka High School421115967
4Shutoku Senior High School42119727
5University of Tsukuba42028626
6Daito Bunka University6114201734
7Kuki High School3102412-83
8Ota Municipal Comm. High School3003221-190

May 31st:
Daito Bunka University  11 - 0  Ota Municipal Commercial High School

June 1st:
Daito Bunka University  3 - 3  Shutoku Senior High School


1Fukui Senior High School54102512413
2Niigata UHW43104573810
3Japan Soccer College Ladies53022613139
4Japan Soccer College High School312011475
5Toyama Univ. of Int. Studies HS4103242-403
6Fukui University of Technology4004623-170
7Seiryo High School3003126-250

June 1st:
Fukui Senior High School  1 - 0  Japan Soccer College Ladies

Kansai League Group A

1Himeji Dokkyo University3300122109
2Hinomoto Gakuen Senior HS3300100109
3Tokuyama University42025506
4Mukogawa Women's University520369-36
5Daisho Gakuen High School310246-23
6Osaka Seisho High School4004217-150

June 1st:
Daisho Gakuen High School  4 - 1  Osaka Seisho High School

Kansai League Group B

1Kibi International University3210133107
2Osaka University of HSS413013766
3Okayama Sakuyo High School31117344
4Kobe Shinwa Women's University3111711-44
5Osaka Toin High School20204402
6Kyoto Seika Gakuen High School3003218-160

June 1st:
Kibi International University  9 - 0  Kyoto Seika Gakuen High School

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