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Friday, 4 July 2014

2013 Spectator Survey - Male/Female Ratio

On June 16th the Nadeshiko League's spectator survey for 2013 (なでしこリーグ スタジアム観戦者調査2013サマリーレポート) was published, available from the League's website.

The spectators at ten matches, one home match for each team, were approached. The surveys completed by those who were not supporters of the home side were discarded. All respondents were over twelve years of age.

The table below lists the ten matches, noting the home team, away team, the total attendance at the match, the number of those surveyed and the total number of surveys analysed.

HomeAwaySpectatorsNo. surveyedNo. analysed

The total number surveyed was therefore 1,586.

The figures used here for the men's J-League come from the corresponding survey from 2013. However, the Nadeshiko League's survey uses figures from the J-League's 2012 season. In the tables and graphs below the 2013 figures have been used.

Those figures for the J-League are as follows:

For the Male/Female ratio question: 17,253
The number of respondents for the "With whom did you watch the match?" question was 17,078.  

For the five J-League teams' male/female ratio figures, these were the numbers of spectators surveyed:

Vegalta Sendai: 383
Albirex Niigata: 440
Tokyo Verdy: 299
Urawa Red Diamonds: 406
JEF United Ichihara Chiba: 380

Ratio of Male to Female Spectators at Nadeshiko League games

The proportion of female spectators is disappointingly low at 29.4%, and this figure has fallen since 2012, when it was 35.7% (1,321 respondents at five games).

In terms of women spectators, Okayama Yunogo Belle led the way with 41.2%, which is the only figure higher than the J-League average.

The Male/Female ratios for those clubs which  have both J-League and Nadeshiko League teams

The proportion of female spectators at the home matches of teams associated with J-League teams is noticably poor, with Urawa Red Diamonds in particular well behind in this respect. Although Beleza has a slightly higher proportion of female spectators than Tokyo Verdy does, this is likely due to Tokyo Verdy having a lower than average number of women supporters.

"With whom are you watching the match?" - multiple responses were possible

The data for the table above is presented below:

FamilyFriendsBy OneselfOther
Iga FC Kunoichi60%15.6%30%4.4%
Okayama Yunogo Belle51%19.6%30.9%2.5%
FC Kibikokusaidaigaku Charme45.5%18.2%40%0.9%
INAC Kobe Leonessa45.2%26.1%29.5%2.1%
Speranza FC Osaka Takatsuki39.4%28%37.9%4.5%
Albirex Niigata Ladies37.2%14.9%49.3%0.7%
NTV Beleza37%25.2%39.3%1.5%
JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies33.3%19%47.6%2.9%
Vegalta Sendai Ladies33.1%22.1%42.6%5.1%
Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies25.3%24%51.4%1.4%
J-League average53.4%33.1%16.3%3.3%
Nadeshiko League average41.7%21.5%38.6%2.6%

As can be readily seen above, the proportion of people who watch Nadeshiko League games by themselves is more than twice that of J-League games.

The teams most watched by family groups are those based in smaller cities: Iga, Belle and Kibi. As with female spectators, Urawa attracts the fewest family groups.

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