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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Players featured on FIFA's 100 Best Goals who played in Japan

Recently a video entitled 100 Best Goals - FIFA Women's World Cup was uploaded to Youtube by FIFATV. Here follows a list of the scorers, the country they represented and the opposition against whom they scored.

Overseas players who played in Japan are highlighted

The breakdown per World Cup is as follows:
1991: Goals 1 to 7
1995: Goals 8 to 13
1999: Goals 14 to 35
2003: Goals 36 to 51
2007: Goals 52 to 71
2011: Goals 72 to 100

In the video, the goals are not presented in strict chronological order.

The name of the player in the list may have changed since the goal was scored. For instance, Nagasato Yuki is now Ogimi Yuki.

1 Liu Ailing China Norway
2 Carin Jennings USA Sweden
3 Mia Hamm USA Sweden
4 Ingrid Johansson Sweden USA
5 April Heinrichs USA Brazil
6 Susanne Hedberg Sweden Brazil
7 Michelle Akers USA Norway
8 Kristin Sandberg Norway Nigeria
9 Ursula Lohn Germany Sweden
10 Tone Haugen Norway England
11 Bettina Wiegmann Germany China
12 Tiffeny Milbrett USA Japan
13 Hege Riise Norway Germany
14 Mia Hamm USA Denmark
15 Kristine Lilly USA Denmark
16 Rita Nwadike Nigeria Korea DPR
17 Sissi Brazil Mexico
18 Galina Komarova Russia Norway
19 Mia Hamm USA Nigeria
20 Cindy Parlow USA Nigeria
21 Jin Pyol Hui Korea DPR Denmark
22 Renate Lingor Germany Mexico
23 Hege Riise Norway Canada
24 Natalia Karasseva Russia Japan
25 Natalia Barbachina Russia Japan
26 Shannon MacMillan USA Korea DPR
27 Kátia Brazil Germany
28 Maicon Brazil Germany
29 Irina Grigorieva* Russia Canada
30 Sun Wen China Australia
31 Victoria Svensson Sweden Ghana
32 Bettina Wiegmann Germany USA
33 Brandi Chastain USA Germany
34 Sissi Brazil Nigeria
35 Liu Ailing China Norway
36 Otani Mio Japan Argentina
37 Kristine Lilly USA Sweden
38 Daniela Brazil Norway
39 Marianne Pettersen Norway Brazil
40 Birgit Prinz Germany Argentina
41 Alberta Sackey Ghana Australia
42 Bai Jie China Russia
43 Malin Andersson Sweden Brazil
44 Pia Wunderlich Germany Russia
45 Birgit Prinz Germany Russia
46 Charmaine Hooper Canada China
47 Birgit Prinz Germany USA
48 Josefine Öqvist Sweden Canada
49 Kristine Lilly USA Canada
50 Hanna Ljungberg Sweden Germany
51 Nia Künzer Germany Sweden
52 Sandra Smisek Germany Argentina
53 Miyama Aya Japan England
54 Kelly Smith England Japan
55 Miyama Aya Japan England
56 Daniela Brazil New Zealand
57 Cristiane Brazil New Zealand
58 Renata Costa Brazil New Zealand
59 Li Jie China Denmark
60 Bi Yan China Denmark
61 Song Xiaoli China Denmark
62 Eva González Argentina England
63 Lisa De Vanna Australia Norway
64 Marta Brazil China
65 Ri Un Suk Korea DPR Sweden
66 Collette McCallum Australia Canada
67 Cristiane Brazil Australia
68 Marta Brazil USA
69 Marta Brazil USA
70 Birgit Prinz Germany Brazil
71 Simone Laudehr Germany Brazil
72 Célia Okoyino da Mbabi Germany Canada
73 Christine Sinclair Canada Germany
74 Nagasato Yuki Japan New Zealand
75 Monica Ocampo Mexico England
76 Gaëtane Thiney France Canada
77 Élodie Thomis France Canada
78 Sawa Homare Japan Mexico
79 Sawa Homare Japan Mexico
80 Heather O'Reilly USA Colombia
81 Megan Rapinoe USA Colombia
82 Rachel Yankey England Japan
83 Ellen White England Japan
84 Ohno Shinobu Japan Mexico
85 Maribel Dominguez Mexico New Zealand
86 Hannah Wilkinson New Zealand Mexico
87 Erika Brazil Equitorial Guinea
88 Maruyama Karina Japan Germany
89 Élise Bussaglia France England
90 Elysse Perry Australia Sweden
91 Lotta Schelin Sweden Australia
92 Abby Wambach USA Brazil
93 Kawasumi Nahomi Japan Sweden
94 Josefine Öqvist Sweden Japan
95 Lauren Cheney USA France
96 Alex Morgan USA France
97 Lotta Schelin Sweden France
98 Marie Hammarstrom Sweden France
99 Alex Morgan USA Japan
100 Sawa Homare Japan USA

Liu Ailing joined Tasaki Perule in 1994, they gained promotion from the Challenge League that season and she stayed with the team until 1997.

Tone Haugen played with the successful Nikko Securities team in the mid-nineties and was one of the leaders in assists in 1995 (10 assists).

Tiffeny Milbrett played with Shiroki in the mid-nineties.

Hege Riise was another Norwegian who joined Nikko Securities in the mid-nineties. She led the league in assists in both 1996 (25) and 1997 (10) and was named on the Best XI in both seasons.

Brandi Chastain joined Shiroki for their first season in the league (1993) when she was named on the Best XI.

Charmanine Hooper played with Prima Ham in the mid-nineties. In 1994 she was the league's top scorer and was named on the Best XI. In 1995 she was named league MVP, was the top scorer and was named on the Best XI. In 1996 she was again named on the Best XI.

* This may in fact be Elena Fomina. Both players resemble each other and both scored in this game from a similar position on the field.

Since the clips of the goals are very short, they may be a number of errors in identification.

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