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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Chugoku League Promotion Play-offs

Following the promotion of Ange Violet Hiroshima to the Challenge League, three teams competed for the right to take their place. The winners would be promoted automatically, with the second placed team taking on FC Brancass Kurashiki, who finished bottom of the Chugoku League in 2013, for the right to compete in 2014.

November 16th:
Iwakuni Angels  0 - 6 Hiroshima University

November 17th:
Hiroshima University  2 - 0  Hiroshima Fujita Ladies SC
Iwakuni Angels  0 - 1  Hiroshima Fujita Ladies SC

Hiroshima University are promoted to the Chugoku League

Having finished second, Hiroshima Fujita Ladies SC next played FC Brancass Kurashiki. The winner would compete in the Chugoku League.

December 22nd:
FC Brancass Kurashiki  1 - 1  Hiroshima Fujita Ladies SC

FC Brancass Kurashiki retain their place in the Chugoku League for 2014

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