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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Challenge League Promotion/Relegation Play-Off

Ange Violet Hiroshima have been promoted to the Challenge League for the 2014 season. Je Vrille Kagoshima have been relegated to the Kyushu League. Congratulations to everyone at Ange Violet Hiroshima.

Je Vrille Kagoshima  0 - 3  Ange Violet Hiroshima
(Attendance: 385)

Ange Violet Hiroshima will take their place in next year's ultra-competitive Challenge League following a very convincing win over Je Vrille Kagoshima, who have now been relegated to the Kyushu League. Nittaidai graduate Yamagata Hisami opened the scoring in the ninth minute, heading in a Takeda Yuki corner. Ange Violet's star striker in the play-offs has been young teenager Saihara Mizuki, and she scored her third goal in four games to make it 2-0 just two minutes into the second half. Takeda was involved in all three goals, and it was her pass which set up Ichikawa Sonoka for the final decisive goal, which came with thirteen minutes remaining. Kagoshima were again very poor and had very few chances to score. They will attempt to rebuild at a lower level before a promotion attempt next season. Ange Violet will look to compete well next season in the Challenge League in preparation for their own Nadeshiko League promotion push in 2015.

Je Vrille Kagoshima:
Nakagawa Yoshimi, Sakamoto Ayaka, Hirata Misato, Mok Sun Jung, Murai Kaori, Yamada Kaori, Imanaka Yuri, Mitsudome Kanami, Sannomiya Shiki (capt), Oh Yu Sun, Saito Toshiko
Subs: Konishi Momoka (Mitsudome Kanami, 58 mins), Fukuishi Konan (Konishi Momoka, 81 mins)

Ange Violet Hiroshima:
Takeishi Yuki (capt), Kinjo Nanae, Yamagata Hisami, Tanaka Ayako, Yokoyama Yuriko, Kimoto Tomomi, Akagi Yui, Takeda Yuki, Ichikawa Sonoka, Katsurama Fumina, Saihara Mizuki
Unused subs: Uetani Kumiko, Horinokuchi Noriko, Nakano Miyuu, Konishi Natsuki, Tokoro Yuka
Scorers: Yamagata Hisami (9 mins), Saihara Mizuki (47 mins), Ichikawa Sonoka (77 mins)

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