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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

22nd All-Japan Women's Inter-Collegiate Championships - Summary

Here is a summary of the regional inter-collegiate championships for this season. The teams highlighted in bold are those who will compete in the national championships in December and January.


Sapporo University were the only entrants to the Hokkaido competition, and thus were automatically awarded the title and selection for the national tournament.


1Sendai University3300430439
2Yamagata University32018716
3Seiwa Gakuen College3102823-153
4Hirosaki University3003130-290

Sendai University were once again too strong for the opposition in Tohoku, winning again this year without conceding a goal. Yamagata University were joined by Tohoku University of Community Service and Science and again made the national competition, finishing second. Seiwa Gakuen College and Shokei Gakuin College put out a joint team and finished third; newcomers Hirosaki University from Aomori will have enjoyed the experience and will look to improve for next year.

Kanto - First Division

1Waseda University99003433127
2Nippon Sport Science University96212161520
3Kanto Gakuen University961227141319
4Musashigaoka College94231111014
5Shobi University9414713-613
6University of Tsukuba93331510512
7Tokyo International University9315915-610
8Kanagawa University9225316-138
9Daito Bunka University9117923-144
10Juntendo University9018227-251

In Kanto, Waseda University took the title for the fourth season in succession, with archrivals Nippon Sport Science University in second. Tokyo International University, who have only had a team since 2011, qualified in seventh for their first national championships under the direction of former international player Otake Nami. 2011 champions Kanagawa University and Daito Bunka University both succeeded in their play-off matches to retain their places in the First Division. Juntendo University, promoted last season, have been relegated.

Kanto - Second Division

1Kokushikan University1212009639336
2Keio University1211018157633
3University of Yamanashi1210027987130
4Toyo University1281355124325
5Japan Women's College of P.E.1272349222723
6Tokai University125341611518
7Tokyo University of I.S.1252540251517
8Tokyo Women's College of P.E.125253126517
9Teikyo Heisei University124081342-2912
10Bunkyo University122197101-947
11Tokyo Gakugei University122010759-526
12Tokyo University of F.S.121011595-903
13Chiba University120111473-691

The full names of each of the abbreviated universities' names are as follows:
Tokyo University of I.S. is the Tokyo University of Information Sciences
Tokyo Women's College of P.E. is the Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education
Japan Women's College of P.E. is the Japan Women's College of Physical Education
Tokyo University of F.S. is the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

In the reorganised Second Division, last year's two relegated teams, Kokushikan University and Keio University, were far too strong for the opposition and finished in the top two places, with Kokushikan University beating Keio University on the final day to take the title and automatic promotion. Keio University and the University of Yamanashi competed in play-offs but neither was able to gain promotion. The bottom three sides were all relegated to the Third Division.

Kanto - Third Division

1Jumonji University109105925728
2Teikyo University108115945525
3Seijo University103341012-212
4Saitama University10325731-2411
5Ibaraki University102171032-227
6Soka Women's College10109266-643

In the Third Division, Jumonji University and Teikyo University finished in the top two spots but were unable to attain promotion through the play-offs.


In Hokushin'etsu the Niigata University of Health and Welfare were unsurprisingly very comfortable winners, with Hokuriku University joining them in qualifying. Niigata University and Shinshu University are both still some way off competing at this level.


1Shizuoka Sangyo University44005115012
2Shigakkan University4301241599
3Chukyo University4202227156
4Aichi Toho University410316883
5Chubu Gakuin University4004082-820
Tokoha Gakuen University100115-4

Shizuoka Sangyo University as fully expected dominated in Tokai, with Shigakkan putting in a fine performance to finish second. Aichi Toho were not up to their usual standard and were very disappointed to miss out on qualification. Tokoha Gakuen University were not formal competitors.

Kansai - First Division

1Mukogawa Women's University75203853317
2Osaka University of H.S.S.75115064416
3Himeji Dokkyo University75113953416
4Himeji Hinomoto College74122112913
5Kobe Shinwa Women's University72232515108
6Osaka International University72141725-87
7Kwansei Gakuin University7016363-601
8Osaka Kyoiku University7016163-621

Osaka University of H.S.S. is the Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences

Mukogawa Women's University improved this year to win in Kansai. The Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences were also preoccupied with the Empress' Cup and they fell to second but were very comfortable in qualifying for the national tournamet. Also qualifying are Himeji Hinomoto College and Himeji Dokkyo University who take the place of last year's qualifiers Kobe Shinwa Women's University. Osaka Kyoiku University were automatically relegated. Kwansei Gakuin University were also relegated, having been beaten by Kyoto Bunkyo University in a play-off.

Kansai - Second Division Block A

1Seisen University44006916812
2Kyoto University of Education4301511-69
3Kobe Women's University4202131126
4Hyogo University of T.E.4103132-313
5Nara University of Education4004033-330

Hyogo University of T. E. is the Hyogo University of Teacher Education.

Kansai - Second Division Block B

1Kyoto Bunkyo University44002542112
2Kansai University4301202189
3Biwako Seikei Sport College420211926
4Ritsumeikan University4103712-53
5Wakayama University4004137-360

Second Division Final Rankings:

1. Seisen University
2. Kyoto Bunkyo University
3. Kansai University
4. Kyoto University of Education
5. Biwako Seikei Sport College
6. Ritsumeikan University
7. Kobe Women's University
8. Hyogo University of Teacher Education
9. Wakayama University
10. Nara University of Education

Seisen University, who were relegated last season, have been promoted back to the first division, replacing Osaka Kyoiku University who had taken their place. Seisen University had beaten the other side relegated last season, Kyoto Bunkyo University, in the Second Division play-off. Seisen University were thus promoted automatically, with Kyoto Bunkyo University gaining promotion through another play-off.


Kibi International University took the title with a penalty shoot-out win over Tokuyama University, with both qualifying very easily against poor opposition, all three of the lower sides hailing from Hiroshima.


1IPU Women's College2200161156
2Ehime University21012203
3Matsuyama University2002015-150

International Pacific University Women's College, with their Ehime FC Ladies players, were much too strong for the other two teams on Shikoku, with Ehime University coming in second to qualify for the national tournament. Matsuyama University made no improvement from last season.


1Fukuoka University22006066
2Kyushu Kyoritsu University21015323
3Kumamoto University200219-80

The pattern from last season was repeated in Kyushu, with Fukuoka University easily taking the title again. Kyushu Kyoritsu University qualify in second, with Kumamoto University improving somewhat in conceding fewer goals.

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