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Friday, 18 January 2013

Regional Leagues - Final 2012 Tables

Hokkaido League

1Muroran High Sch.640224101412
2Meisei High School6402156912
3Norddea Hokkaido6312108210
4Club Fields Linda6015328-251

Both Muroran High School and Meisei High School competed in this year's High School tournament. Norrdea Hokkaido were unsuccessful in their attempt to re-enter the Challenge League.

Kanto League

1Waseda University1410223082232
2Kanto Gakuen147342013724
3NTV Menina147253325823
4Urawa Reds Youth147162121022
5Musashigaoka Coll.147073331221
6Univ. of Tsukuba145361619-318
7Shobi University144462019116
8FC PAF141112542-374

Waseda University once again comfortably won the Kanto League, and were also runners-up in the Inter-Collegiate tournament. They beat Musashigaoka College in the semi-final, and the other universities in the Kanto League (Kanto Gakuen, University of Tsukuba and Shobi University) were also participants. Menina and Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies Youth also performed well this year. Shobi University and FC PAF will now participate in promotion/relegation playoffs.

Tokai League

1Fujieda Junshin1111006025833
2Tokoha Gakuen1181243133025
3Nagoya FC Ladies1173138182024
5FC Gifu Belta1162337251220
6Iga FC Satellite1162323121120
7Iwata Higashi1152427161117
8Toyota Ladies F.C.114162533-813
9Juven F.C.112181344-317
10FC Project Sonia112091024-146
11Kanbara Club112091256-446
12Chubu Gakuin110011372-690

In the Tokai League Fujieda Junshin showed how powerful they are in winning with a 100% record, conceding only two goals. Both Nagoya in third and Shimizudaihachi Pleiades in fourth competed to enter the Challenge League, with only Pleiades successful.

Kansai League

1FC Vitoria98015064424
2Placer Kobe98013182324
3Cerezo Osaka970232161621
4Takarazuka FC951340221816
5Kobe FC Ladies94141914513
6INAC Kobe U-1893241224-1211
7FC Victories93241634-1811
8FC Terra9216729-227
9Kyoto Shiko SC9117220-184
10Nara Genki SC9009541-360

FC Vitoria won the league on the last day with a crushing 10-0 victory over FC Terra to beat Placer Kobe on goal difference. Cerezo Osaka will compete in the Challenge League next year with the same U-15 team that finished third this season, though they will retain those players who turn sixteen.

Chugoku League

1Tokuyama Univ.99005335027
2Bingo Fuchuu971126131322
3Hiroshima Okou FC9702179821
4Hanako Clover's94051114-312
5FC Reve93241217-511
6Freyia FC Venus93151414010
7Yamato Nadeshiko93151223-1110
8Yamaguchi Wings93151529-1410
9Leone Yamaguchi91441123-127
10FC Brancass9009329-260

Tokuyama University were the easy winners this year with a 100% record, and progressed to the second round of the Inter-Collegiate championships. Bingo Fuchuu TAM-S were participants in the Junior championships, but were eliminated in the first round.

Shikoku League

1Kochi JFC Rosa65101641216
2Bucchigiri FC6321136711
3Oota Gal6123410-65
4Liberta Tokushima6015215-131

Kochi JFC Rosa comfortably won in Shikoku. As in the Chugoku League, none of these teams are pushing for entry to the Challenge League.

Kyushu League

1Melsa Kumamoto119113462828
2Mashiki Kumamoto118303973227
3Yanagigaura HS1171330141622
4Anclas Youth116231912720
5Oita Trinita1154230181219
6Hoyo Sukurabu1154223121119
7NW Kitakyushu1152422121017
8Fukuoka University113352325-212
9Kumamoto United113261938-1911
10Fukuoka Jo Gakuin11128536-315
11Nakatsu FC Pomato11119928-194
12Alegre Caminho110110247-451

While Melsa Kumamoto won the league, it was second-placed Mashiki Renaissance Kumamoto and sixth-placed Hoyo Sukarabu who fought for Challenge League places, with Hoyo Sukarabu successful in their attempt.

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