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Friday, 4 January 2013

Inter-Collegiate Championships - Semi-Final Matches

Semi Final Matches, ties played on Friday 4th of January:

Match 21:
Waseda University  4 - 0  Musashigaoka College 
(Attendance: 939)

In blustery conditions Waseda overcame Musashigaoka with a show of strength to progress to their fifth final. Their most recent championship victory came in January 2011 when they overpowered today's opponents early in the game, and Waseda's forward play was again much too powerful for the Musashigaoka defenders.

Two powerful strikes from Yamamoto Maya and Ishida Minami within a minute of each other set the pattern for the rest of the game. Both goals had been set up by Omiya Reona who impressed recently in the Empress' Cup. The Tokyo side added two more goals in the 41st and 42nd minutes to allow themselves a comfortable second half, with those goals coming from Seguchi Nanami and Watai Shiori.

The Waseda lineup
Musashigaoka College
Yamamoto Maya attempts a shot in the first half
Second year student Seguchi Nanami was in excellent form again and scored the third goal

Waseda University:
Suzuki Nozomi, Ishida Minami, Chiba Kozue, Takagi Hikari, Oshima Marika, Watai Shiori, Tanimoto Haruna (capt), Omiya Reona, Yamamoto Maya, Seguchi Nanami, Yagi Ayaka
Subs: Gonno Takako (Yagi Ayaka, 59 mins), Onodera Misaki (Watai Shiori, 64 mins), Chiba Minori (Tanimoto Haruna, 86 mins)
Unused subs: Mita Isayo, Horiguchi Kaori, Fukuzawa Manami, Ichihara Azusa
Scorers: Yamamoto Maya (26 mins), Ishida Minami (27 mins), Seguchi Nanami (41 mins), Watai Shiori (42 mins)

Musashigaoka College:
Kawamura Yuki, Saito Natsumi, Setaguchi Nana, Yoneyama Suzumi, Sunoki Yurie, Uchihara Nao, Yoshimura Midori, Sasaki Mayu, Sakaguchi Moeno, Shimojou Aya (capt), Hasegawa Aoi
Subs: Nakazato Chisa (Yoshimura Midori, 59 mins), Tanaka Yui (Uchihara Nao, 76 mins), Endo Misaki (Setaguchi Nana, 76 mins)
Unused subs: Naito Yuka, Hodohara Asami, Ushiku Maho, Onishi Rio

Match 22:
Kibi International University  2 - 2  Nippon Sport Science University
Nippon Sport Science University win 5-4 on penalties
(Attendance: 488)

Kibi Koku's players were once again left heart-broken as for the second straight year they were eliminated at the semi-final stage on penalties by Nittaidai. The game had started well for the Okayama side as they scored two quick goals midway through the first half, Sugita Ami scoring with a cross cum shot and captain Takahashi Chiho following up soon after to give the Nadeshiko League newcomers a seemingly comfortable lead over their Challenge League rivals.

In the second half Nittaidai came back strongly, with Oguri Mao making her presence felt following a disappointing first half. Following a desperate defensive scramble with twenty minutes remaining, Shimada Chiaki had a chance to shoot at goal and didn't need a second invitation, and with the momentum swinging back to Nittaidai, Kibi Koku looked to reorganise and stay composed. However, Nittaidai weren't in any mood to surrender and with seven minutes remaining substitute Ishii Chiharu found Uemura Shoko on the left wing with a fine pass, and her cross was hooked home by Nittaidai's other substitute Goto Ami.

With no further goals the game went to extra time, and though Uemura should have scored when clean through, there was no breakthrough and the match with seeming inevitability went to a penalty shoot-out. Kibi struck the first blow when Morimoto Kiyo saved from Sakurai Mayuka, but Yamamoto Arisa then brought Nittaidai back into it when she dived to save from Muramatsu Fumiko. The game was decided on Kibi's sixth kick, Takeda Arisa striking the crossbar to her great despair.

Kibi Koku remain the most impressive university side never to have reached the Inter-Collegiate final. Nittaidai progress to their seventeenth as justifiable favourites.

Kibi Koku once again started with the same lineup which has served them so well
The Nittaidai lineup featured many impressive Challenge League perfomers
Nishikawa Asuka had an early chance to head at goal
Shimada Chiaki looks to get a shot in with Takeda Arisa attempting to block
Nishikawa Asuka wheels away in delight as Sugita Ami's cross ends up in the net
Having had a quiet first half, Oguri Mao sparked into life
in the second half and turned the game around for Nittaidai

Kibi International University:
Morimoto Kiyo, Takeda Arisa, Koike Ayano, Muramatsu Mafuyu, Matsushita Fumiko, Takano Saki, Sugita Ami, Shigemasa Kai, Nishikawa Asuka, Takahashi Chiho (capt), Noma Fumika
Subs: Fukui Shihori (Noma Fumika, 66 mins), Murakawa Saki (Koike Ayano, 86 mins), Adachi Eriko (Nishikawa Asuka, 102 mins)
Unused subs: Yamamoto Ayaka, Watanabe Kazumi, Kanbara Misaki, Tanaka Shiho
Scorers: Sugita Ami (21 mins), Takahashi Chiho (23 mins)

Nippon Sport Science University:
Yamamoto Arisa, Yamagata Hisami, Fujisawa Marin, Sakurai Mayuka, Abe Rie, Oguri Mao, Shimokawa Saori (capt), Takashima Ruriko, Yamana Maki, Shimada Chiaki, Uemura Shoko
Subs: Ishii Chiharu (Takashima Ruriko, 48 mins), Goto Ami (Yamana Maki, 64 mins)
Unused subs: Hiraide Haruka, Togashi Kaori, Ito Yukina, Sato Minami, Yamaguchi Minami
Scorers: Shimada Chiaki (70 mins), Goto Ami (83 mins) 

Final Match, to be played on Sunday 6th of January:

Match 23:
Waseda University
Nippon Sport Science University

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