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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Challenge League Tenth Round

Tokiwagi Gakuen High School  0 - 2  FC Jumonji Ventus
(Attendance: 100)

Jumonji's starting lineup for their debut match in the Japan Women's Football League included Segi Aiki, who has a great deal of experience in league football and today captained the side

Nakahara Sayaka scores the opening goal, receiving a long ball through the middle before rounding Imai Yuka in the Tokiwagi Gakuen goal. The home side's defence struggled to contain Jumonji's direct play throughout the match

Tokiwagi Gakuen's only good chance to score came from Okino Kurea, who here shoots well...

but sees her shot come back off the inside of the left-hand post

Genma Hazuki was fouled by Imai Yuka and stepped up to take the penalty herself.
Imai redeemed herself by saving the spot kick

Good right-wing play made an opening for Nakahara with five minutes remaining...

and she unerringly found the bottom corrner of the net to ensure that Jumonji would take all three points. They returrn to Miyagi next week for another match against Tokiwagi Gakuen

Tokiwagi Gakuen High School:
Imai Yuka, Iida Yurika (capt), Shibusawa Hikaru, Sugano Fuko, Kawakita Miku, Shibayama Fumina, Kato Shiori, Takikawa Yume, Kato Yua, Takahashi Ami, Okino Kurea
Subs: Nakamura Megumi (Kato Yua, 69 mins), Sakiyama Miku (Iida Yurika, 72 mins), Okochi Yuki (Shibusawa Hikaru, 81 mins), Tsuda Marin (Kato Shiori, 81 mins)
Unused subs: Ishigaki Honoka

FC Jumonji Ventus:
Takahashi Sumika, Kajii Fuka, Hagihara Kanako, Hitomi Nodoka, Tomita Minami, Abe Sarika, Genma Hazuki, Segi Aiki (capt), Kohanawa Moe, Kurata Akari, Nakahara Sayaka
Subs: Hamada Megu (Kohanawa Moe, 78 mins), Takizawa Chise (Nakahara Sayaka, 88 mins), Nagashima Ruri (Genma Hazuki, 90+1 mins)
Unused subs: Nakashima Mizuho, Tanaka Karin
Scorers: Nakahara Sayaka (14, 85 mins)

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