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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

All-Japan Women's Inter-Collegiate Championships 2016 - Latest Results & Standings

Kanto - First Division

1Kanagawa University22004046
2Musashigaoka College22002026
3Waseda University22002026
4Nippon Sport Science University21102024
5Teikyo Heisei University21013303
6Juntendo University201101-11
7Tokyo International University201102-21
8Toyo University201102-21
9Keio University200224-20
10Daito Bunka University200203-30

August 31st:
Musashigaoka College  1 - 0  Juntendo University
Tokyo International University  0 - 2  Kanagawa University
Waseda University  1 - 0  Daito Bunka University
Nippon Sport Science University  0 - 0  Toyo University
Keio University  2 - 3  Teikyo Heisei University

Kanto - Second Division

1Kanto Gakuen University2200150156
2Kokushikan University22008086
3University of Yamanashi22009276
4University of Tsukuba22006156
5Tokai University210114-33
6Yamanashi Gakuin University201112-11
7Shobi University201101-11
8Tokyo Women's College of P.E.200227-50
9Jumonji University2002010-100
10Japan Women's College of P.E.2002015-150

August 31st:
Kanto Gakuen University  4 - 0  Jumonji University
University of Tsukuba  4 - 0  Japan Women's College of Physical Education
Kokushikan University  2 - 0  Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education
Shobi University  0 - 0  Yamanashi Gakuin University
University of Yamanashi  4 - 0  Tokai University

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