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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Liga Student Results/Standings (June 14th)

Tohoku League Group A

1Meisei High School2200151146
2Tohoku High School3201176116
3Sendai University2200121116
4Yamagata Johoku High School2002011-110
5Yamagata Nishi High School3003126-250

June 14th:
Sendai University  6 - 1  Tohoku High School

Kanto League Group A

1Daito Bunka University66004253718
2Kanto Gakuen University742127121514
3Shonan Gakuin High School64111551013
4Kanagawa University63211991011
5Honjo Daiichi High School53111010010
6University of Yamanashi72141721-47
7Japan Women's College of PE7214822-147
8Makuhari Sohgoh High School71241022-125
9Bunkyo Gakuin Univ. Girls' SHS3003311-80
10Tokiwa University High School6006135-340

June 13th:
Makuhari Sohgoh High School  1 - 5  University of Yamanashi
Kanagawa University  5 - 1  Honjo Daiichi High School
Kanto Gakuen University  4 - 4  Shonan Gakuin High School

June 14th:
Shonan Gakuin High School  0 - 1  Honjo Daiichi High School
Kanto Gakuen University  7 - 2  Bunkyo Gakuin University Girls' Senior High School

Kanto League Group B

1Toyo University87013292321
2Jumonji High School66003162518
3Shutoku Senior High School54012552012
4Kuki High School5302201829
5Takasaki Univ. of H & W HS62221319-68
6Chiba Meitoku High School5203712-56
7Tokyo Women's College of PE8125631-255
8Tokyo International University5104714-73
9Yokohama Suiryo High School50231023-132
10Keio University7025216-142

June 13th:
Yokohama Suiryo High School  4 - 4  Takasaki University of Health and Welfare High School
Keio University  0 - 3  Kuki High School

June 14th:
Toyo University  8 - 1  Yokohama Suiryo High School

Kanto League Group C

1Tokyo Met. Asuka High School86022972218
2Shobi University851225111416
3Musashigaoka College65102171416
4University of Tsukuba64022781912
5Juntendo University6402127512
6Seiritsu Gakuen High School6204712-56
7Yamato High School72051034-246
8Japan Aviation High School6114516-114
9Hanasaki Tokuhara High School4103514-93
10Ota Municipal High School7016227-251

June 13th:
Japan Aviation High School  0 - 0  Ota Municipal High School
Yamato High School  3 - 0  Seiritsu Gakuen High School

June 14th:
Hanasaki Tokuhara High School  0 - 3  Seiritsu Gakuen High School
University of Tsukuba  3 - 0  Japan Aviation High School
Tokyo Metropolitan Asuka High School  10 - 0  Yamato High School

Chugoku/Shikoku Group A

1IPU Women's College32109277
2Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's Univ.421110827
3Takahashi Nisshin High School32017526
4Matsue Commercial High School42029906
5Sanyo Jogakuen High School310249-53
6Kagawanishi High School3003410-60

June 13th:
Sanyo Jogakuen High School  2 - 3  Matsue Commercial High School

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