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Sunday, 21 September 2014

All-Japan Women's Inter-Collegiate Championships 2014 - Latest Results & Standings

Tohoku Group A

1Sendai University1100100103
2Seiwa Gakuen College2101121023
3Fukushima Medical University1001012-120

September 20th:
Sendai University  10 - 0  Seiwa Gakuen College

September 21st:
Seiwa Gakuen College  12 - 0  Fukushima Medical University

Kanto - First Division

1Waseda University55002031715
2Nippon Sport Science University55001211115
3Musashigaoka College53111510510
4Kanto Gakuen University523012579
5Tokyo International University511310734
6University of Tsukuba5113710-34
7Kanagawa University5113513-84
8Daito Bunka University5113419-154
9Shobi University510459-43
10Kokushikan University5104619-133

September 20th:
Tokyo International University  7 - 0  Daito Bunka University
Waseda University  4 - 0  University of Tsukuba
Nippon Sport Science University  6 - 1  Musashigaoka College
Kanto Gakuen University  1 - 1  Kanagawa University
Shobi University  1 - 2  Kokushikan University

Kanto - Second Division

1Toyo University44003803812
2Juntendo University44003513412
3Keio University44003103112
4University of Yamanashi3210171167
5Tokai University42118717
6Japan Women's College of P.E.31025503
7Teikyo Heisei University4103112-113
8Tokyo Women's College of P.E.4004215-130
9Bunkyo University4004236-340
10Tokyo University of I.S.4004062-620

The full names of each of the abbreviated universities' names are as follows:
Tokyo University of I.S. is the Tokyo University of Information Sciences
Tokyo Women's College of P.E. is the Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education
Japan Women's College of P.E. is the Japan Women's College of Physical Education

September 20th:
University of Yamanashi  3 - 0  Teikyo Heisei University
Toyo University  3 - 0  Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education
Juntendo University  16 - 0  Tokyo University of Information Sciences
Keio University  4 - 0  Japan Women's College of Physical Education
Tokai University  4 - 2  Bunkyo University

Kanto - Third Division

1Yamanashi Gakuin University3300302289
2Chiba University430110649
3Jumonji University2200121116
4Tokyo Gakugei University22003126
5University of Tokyo410339-63
6Saitama University3102414-103
7Teikyo University4103518-133
8Tokyo University of F.S.100105-50
9Seijo University200205-50
10Ibaraki University100106-60

Tokyo University of F.S. is the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

September 20th:
Chiba University  1 - 6  Yamanashi Gakuin University
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies  0 - 5  Teikyo University
Seijo University  0 - 1  Tokyo University
Jumonji University  6 - 0  Ibaraki University
Tokyo Gakugei University  1 - 0  Saitama University

Kansai - First Division

1Osaka University of H.S.S.3300240249
2Himeji Dokkyo University3300151149
3Mukogawa Women's University330011299
4Osaka International University33006159
5Kobe Shinwa Women's University3003312-90
6Himeji Hinomoto College300309-90
7Seisen University3003016-160
8Kansai University3003119-180

Osaka University of H.S.S. is the Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences

September 20th:
Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences  10 - 0  Seisen University
Mukogawa Women's University  3 - 2  Kobe Shinwa Women's University
Himeji Dokkyo University  5 - 1  Kansai University
Osaka International University  1 - 0  Himeji Hinomoto College

Kansai - Second Division Block A

1Osaka Kyoiku University2200142126
2Kyoto Bunkyo University11008083
3Biwako Seikei Sport College11005053
4Kobe Women's University2002214-120
5Kyoto University of Education2002013-130

September 21st:
Osaka Kyoiku University  8 - 0  Kyoto University of Education
Kyoto Bunkyo University  8 - 0  Kobe Women's University

Kansai - Second Division Block B

1Kwansei Gakuin University2200280286
2Otemon Gakuin University2200253226
3Ritsumeikan University2002311-80
4Hyogo University of T.E.2002042-420

Hyogo University of T. E. is the Hyogo University of Teacher Education.

September 20th:
Otemon Gakuin University  4 - 3  Ritsumeikan University

September 21st:
Kwansei Gakuin University  21 - 0  Hyogo University of T.E.

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