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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

All-Japan Women's Inter-Collegiate Championships 2014 - Latest Results & Standings

Kanto - First Division

1Waseda University3300143119
2Nippon Sport Science University33005059
3Kanto Gakuen University32109277
4Musashigaoka College32109367
5Shobi University310246-23
6Kanagawa University310237-43
7Daito Bunka University3102210-83
8Tokyo International University301235-21
9University of Tsukuba301225-31
10Kokushikan University3003313-100

September 10th:
Waseda University  4 - 1  Kanagawa University
Kanto Gakuen University  5 - 0  Kokushikan University
Musashigaoka College  1 - 1  Tokyo International University
Shobi University  0 - 1  Daito Bunka University
Nippon Sport Science University  2 - 0  University of Tsukuba

Kanto - Second Division

1Keio University2200240246
2Toyo University2200140146
3Juntendo University2200140146
4Tokai University21104224
5Japan Women's College of P.E.11005053
6University of Yamanashi10101101
7Tokyo Women's College of P.E.200217-60
8Teikyo Heisei University200209-90
9Bunkyo University2002019-190
10Tokyo University of I.S.2002025-250

The full names of each of the abbreviated universities' names are as follows:
Tokyo University of I.S. is the Tokyo University of Information Sciences
Tokyo Women's College of P.E. is the Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education
Japan Women's College of P.E. is the Japan Women's College of Physical Education

September 10th:
Toyo University  10 - 0  Bunkyo University
Juntendo University  5 - 0  Teikyo Heisei University
Keio University  20 - 0  Tokyo University of Information Sciences
Tokai University  3 - 1  Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education

Kanto - Third Division

1Chiba University22008086
2Jumonji University11006153
3Saitama University11003033
4Tokyo Gakugei University11002113
5Ibaraki University00000000
6Yamanashi Gakuin University00000000
7Tokyo University of F.S.00000000
8Seijo University100104-40
9University of Tokyo200228-60
10Teikyo University200207-70

Tokyo University of F.S. is the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

September 10th:
Jumonji University  6 - 1  University of Tokyo
Chiba University  4 - 0  Teikyo University

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