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Friday, 29 August 2014

Liga Student - Kansai League Final Standings

Kanto League Final Standings:

ChampionsKibi International University
Runners-upHinomoto Gakuen Senior High School
3rdHimeji Dokkyo University
4thOkayama Sakuyo High School
5thOsaka University of Health and Sport Sciences
6thTokuyama University
7thDaisho Gakuen High School
8thOsaka Toin High School
9thKobe Shinwa Women's University
10thMukogawa Women's University
11thKyoto Seika Gakuen High School
12thOsaka Seisho High School

Final Ranking Matches

Championship Match:
Hinomoto Gakuen Senior High School  0 - 2  Kibi International University

Third-Place Play-off Match:
Himeji Dokkyo University  3 - 0  Okayama Sakuyo High School

Fifth-Place Play-off Match:
Tokuyama University  2 - 5  Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences

Seventh-Place Play-off Match:
Daisho Gakuen High School  2 - 0  Osaka Toin High School

Ninth-Place Play-off Match:
Mukogawa Women's University  1 - 7  Kobe Shinwa Women's University

Eleventh-Place Play-off Match:
Osaka Seisho High School  0 - 2  Kyoto Seika Gakuen High School

League Stage Final Standings:

Kansai League Group A

1Hinomoto Gakuen Senior HS54012231912
2Himeji Dokkyo University54011771012
3Tokuyama University53026519
4Daisho Gakuen High School520379-26
5Mukogawa Women's University520369-36
6Osaka Seisho High School5005227-250

Kansai League Group B

1Kibi International University54102251713
2Okayama Sakuyo High School53111871110
3Osaka University of HSS513113856
4Osaka Toin High School51221011-15
5Kobe Shinwa Women's University51131123-124
6Kyoto Seika Gakuen High School5104626-203

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