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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Full Bloom Guidebook - 2014 Edition

Full Bloom - A Guide to Women's Football in Japan - 2014 Edition is a guidebook to women's football in Japan. It covers the two national divisions of the Japan Women's Football League, regional leagues and inter-collegiate, schools and youth competitions.

Latest Updates:

August 28th: Added Sarah Gregorius to AS Elfen Saitama
August 1st: Added Hattori Mayu to Speranza FC Osaka Takatsuki

July 24th: Added Mori Hitomi to Sfida Setagaya FC
July 2nd: Updated venue kickoff time for the match between the JFA Academy Fukushima and Tokiwagi Gakuen High School
July 1st: Added Kunisawa Shino to AC Nagano Parceiro Ladies

June 19th: Added Takahashi Tomoko to Albirex Niigata Ladies
June 18th: Added Clare Polkinghorne to INAC Kobe Leonessa
June 9th: Updated kickoff time for Nojima Stella Kanagawa Sagamihara vs. AC Nagano Parceiro Ladies
June 6th: Updated venue, date and time for Fukuoka J. Anclas vs. Nittaidai FC Ladies
June 5th: Added Yamaguchi Mami to Nippon TV Beleza.
June 4th: Amended match dates, added two players to Sfida Setagaya FC and one to Ange Violet Hiroshima

May 27th: Amended details of match venues, kickoff times and dates
May 10th: Added Takahashi Sachie to Okayama Yunogo Belle
May 2nd: Added Tameka Butt and Elise Kellond-Knight to Iga FC Kunoichi. Updated details of Tokiwagi Gakuen home games.

April 11th: Added Otomo Chinatsu to the Japan Soccer College Ladies 
April 7th: Corrected an error in the Introduction. Added players to Nittaidai FC Ladies, Ehime FC Ladies and Fukuoka J. Anclas
April 4th: Added Matsuda Nozomi and Fuchibe Mami to Bunnys Kyoto SC
April 3rd: Kojima Miku and Hirao Chika have gone on loan to Albirex Niigata Ladies and Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies respectively for the duration of the Nadeshiko League season.
April 2nd: Added Oshima Sayuri to Bunnys Kyoto SC
April 1st: Added Saito Toshiko to Speranza FC Osaka Takatsuki

The guidebook has now been removed from the server, but is available upon request

All twenty-six teams in the national league are covered, with all of the latest player movement

The regional leagues are covered in detail

Full coverage also of all regional university leagues and the other main national competitions

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