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Monday, 6 May 2013

Regional Leagues - Latest Results/Standings (May 6th)

Hokkaido League

1Otani Muroran High School00000000
2Meisei High School00000000
3Norddea Hokkaido00000000
4Club Fields Linda00000000
5Otaru Hokusho Corsa'rio00000000

The four teams from the 2012 campaign have been joined by Otaru Hokushu Corsa'rio. The season begins on Sunday, 12th of May.

Kanto League Division One

1Kanto Gakuen University330011299
2Waseda University3210122107
3NTV Menina32014316
4Musashigaoka College31114314
5Urawa Reds Junior Youth30303303
6University of Tsukuba302135-22
7Shobi University301228-61
8Ota Ladies SC Esperanza3003114-130

Ota Ladies SC Esperanza were promoted to the top division, replacing FC PAF following a series of playoff games.

Weekend of April 13th/14th:
Waseda University  6 - 0  Ota Ladies SC Esperanza
Kanto Gakuen University  3 - 1  Shobi University
NTV Menina  3 - 1  University of Tsukuba
Musashigaoka College  2 - 2  Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies Youth

Weekend of April 20th/21st:
Shobi University  0 - 4  Waseda University
Kanto Gakuen University  7 - 1  Ota Ladies SC Esperanza
Musashigaoka College  2 - 0  NTV Menina
University of Tsukuba  0 - 0  Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies Youth

Weekend of April 27th/28th:
Waseda University  2 - 2  University of Tsukuba
Musashigaoka College  0 - 1  Kanto Gakuen University
NTV Menina  1 - 0  Ota Ladies SC Esperanza
Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies Youth  1 - 1  Shobi University

The next matches are scheduled for the weekend of May 11th/12th.

For the 2013 season the twelve teams in the Tokai League have been divided into two divisions and each team now plays twice against the other sides in its division.

Tokai League Division One

1Fujieda Junshin High School11003033
2Tokoha Gakuen Senior HS00000000
3Nagoya FC Ladies00000000
4Iga FC Kunoichi Satellite00000000
5FC Gifu Belta00000000
6Iwata Higashi High School100103-30

April 28th:
Iwata Higashi High School  0 - 3  Fujieda Junshin High School

Tokai League Division Two

1Toyota Ladies F.C.11002023
2Aichi Toho University00000000
3Juven F.C.00000000
4FC Project Sonia00000000
5Tokoha Gakuen Junior HS00000000
6Kanbara Club Megere100102-20

Shimizu Daihachi Pleiades were promoted to the Challenge League and Chubu Gakuin University were relegated. The two new teams are Aichi Toho University and Tokoha Gakuen Junior High School, the first junior high school to compete at this level.

April 28th:
Kanbara Club Megere  0 - 2  Toyota Ladies F.C.

The next matches in both divisions are scheduled for May 12th.

Kansai League

1Placer Kobe2200120126
2Takarazuka El Baile FC22009276
3Kobe FC Ladies21104044
4FC Vitoria21102024
5Daisho Gakuen High School21102114
6Kyoto Shiko SC21014403
7Osaka City Ladies FC301228-61
8FC Victories100124-20
9FC Terra200207-70
10INAC Kobe Leonessa B2002011-110

Cerezo Osaka Ladies were promoted to the Challenge League and Nara Genki SC Himiko have also been replaced. The two teams replacing them are Daisho Gakuen High School and Osaka City Ladies FC. INAC Kobe Leonessa Under-18 has been renamed INAC Kobe Leonessa B.

April 21st:
FC Vitoria  2 - 0  FC Terra
Kyoto Shiko SC  1 - 2  Daisho Gakuen High School
Placer Kobe  7 - 0  INAC Kobe Leonessa B
Kobe FC Ladies  0 - 0  Osaka City Ladies FC
Takarazuka El Baile FC  4 - 2  FC Victories

Weekend of April 28th/29th:
Placer Kobe  5 - 0  FC Terra
Kobe FC Ladies  4 - 0  INAC Kobe Leonessa B
Takarazuka El Baile FC  5 - 0  Osaka City Ladies FC

Weekend of May 5th/6th:
FC Vitoria  0 - 0  Daisho Gakuen High School
Kyoto Shiko SC  3 - 2  Osaka City Ladies FC

The next games are scheduled for May 19th.

Chugoku League

1Ange Violet Hiroshima22006066
2Hiroshima Okou FC22002026
3Tokuyama University210110193
4Aosaki SC Hanako Clover's21019183
5Yamaguchi Wings21012113
6Yamato Nadeshiko21011103
7Bingo Fuchuu TAM-S210156-13
8Freyia FC Venus2101411-73
9FC Reve200226-40
10FC Brancass Kurashiki2002115-140

Leone Yamaguchi were replaced by Ange Violet Hiroshima.

April 20th:
Tokuyama University  0 - 1  Ange Violet Hiroshima
Bingo Fuchuu TAM-S  5 - 1  FC Brancass Kurashiki
Hiroshima Okou FC  1 - 0  Yamaguchi Wings
Aosaki SC Hanako Clover's  0 - 1  Yamato Nadeshiko
FC Reve  2 - 4  Freyia FC Venus

April 21st:
FC Brancass Kurashiki  0 - 10  Tokuyama University
Bingo Fuchuu TAM-S  0 - 5  Ange Violet Hiroshima
Hiroshima Okou FC  1 - 0  Yamato Nadeshiko
Aosaki SC Hanako Clover's  9 - 0  Freyia FC Venus
FC Reve  0 - 2  Yamaguchi Wings

The next games are scheduled for May 25th.

Shikoku League

1Joto High School220012396
2Kochi ganador FC21105234
3Kochi JFC Rosa21104314
4Matsuyama University21016333
5Naruto Polaris Ladies FC200257-20
6Oota Gal2002111-100

This year the Shikoku League has expanded from four teams to six, the newcomers are Joto High School, Kochi ganador FC, Matsuyama University and Naruto Polaris Ladies FC. Two teams have been replaced, Bucchigiri FC and Liberta Tokushima FC.

April 14th:
Matsuyama University  4 - 3  Naruto Polaris Ladies FC
Oota Gal  1 - 9  Joto High School
Kochi ganador FC  1 - 1  Kochi JFC Rosa

April 28th:
Oota Gal  2 - 0  Kochi JFC Rosa
Matsuyama University  2 - 4  Kochi ganador FC
Joto High School  3 - 2  Naruto Polaris Ladies FC

The next games are scheduled for May 12th.

Kyushu League

1Anclas Youth11005233
2Nakatsu FC Pomato11004133
3Alegre Caminho11004133
4Mashiki Renaissance Kumamoto11002113
5Melsa Kumamoto FC11001013
6Kumini FC11001013
7Yanagigaura High School100112-10
8New Wave Kitakyushu100101-10
9Fukuoka University100101-10
10Oita Trinita100125-30
11Kumamoto United SC100114-30
12Fukuoka Jo Gakuin High School100114-30

Kunimi FC replaced Hoyo Sukarabu FC who were promoted to the Challenge League.

April 28th:
Anclas Youth  5 - 2  Oita Trinita
Fukuoka University  0 - 1  Kumini FC
Fukuoka Jo Gakuin Junior and Senior High School  1 - 4  Alegre Caminho
Mashiki Renaissance Kumamoto  2 - 1  Yanagigaura High School
Melsa Kumamoto FC  1 - 0  New Wave Kitakyushu
Kumamoto United SC  1 - 4  Nakatsu FC Pomato

The next games are scheduled for May 19th.

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