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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Kansai Student Women's Soccer League (Spring) First Round

Kansai - First Division

1Osaka University of H.S.S.1100240243
2Mukogawa Women's University11004043
3Himeji Hinomoto College11003033
4Kobe Shinwa Women's University11002113
5Himeji Dokkyo University100112-10
6Seisen University100103-30
7Osaka International University100104-40
8Kyoto Bunkyo University1001024-240

Osaka University of H.S.S. is the Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences

May 12th:
Osaka University of H.S.S.  24 - 0  Kyoto Bunkyo University
Himeji Hinomoto College  3 - 0  Seisen University
Mukogawa Women's University  4 - 0  Osaka International University
Kobe Shinwa Women's University  2 - 1  Himeji Dokkyo University

Kansai - Second Division Block A

1Kwansei Gakuin University1100130133
2Ritsumeikan University10101101
3Kobe Women's University10101101
4Wakayama University00000000
5Hyogo University of T.E.1001013-130

Hyogo University of T. E. is the Hyogo University of Teacher Education.

May 12th:
Kwansei Gakuin University  13 - 0  Hyogo University of T.E.
Ritsumeikan University  1 - 1  Kobe Women's University

Kansai - Second Division Block B

1Kansai University1100180183
2Biwako Seikei Sport College11003033
3Osaka Kyoiku University00000000
4Kyoto University of Education100103-30
5Nara University of Education1001018-180

May 12th:
Biwako Seikei Sport College  3 - 0  Kyoto University of Education
Nara University of Education  0 - 18  Kansai University

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