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Sunday, 11 November 2012

The League's Top Scorers

After all eighteen games, here are the top scorers in the Nadeshiko League. Neither Takase nor Nagasato scored and so the table remains much the same. The only scorers of note were Kawasumi who moved onto eight goals, Nakano Manami who joined the table with a brace today in addition to team-mate Matsuoka who also scored, they both have seven. Goto Michi scored a goal against Anclas to also join the final table.

Takase Megumi (INAC Kobe Leonessa) 20 goals

Nagasato Asano (NTV Beleza) 19 goals

Ohno Shinobu (INAC Kobe Leonessa) 13 goals

Kira Chinatsu (Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies) 10 goals

Kawasumi Nahomi (INAC Kobe Leonessa) 8 goals
Yamazaki Marumi (Albirex Niigata Ladies) 8 goals

Matsuoka Miki (Okayama Yunogo Belle) 7 goals
Nakano Manami (Okayama Yunogo Belle) 7 goals

Azami Rie (As Elfen Sayama) 6 goals
Goto Michi (Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies) 6 goals
Ito Kanako (NTV Beleza) 6 goals
Kobayashi Makiko (Iga FC Kunoichi) 6 goals
Kamionobe Megumi (Albirex Niigata Ladies) 6 goals

With the season having finished in the Challenge League also, here are the top scorers in the Challenge League. Michigami Ayaka scored once again to take her final total to 30, ten ahead of Ito Minako in second place. Masuya Rika finishes third with 19 for the Academy. Special mention goes to Toriumi Mai of the JSCL, who scored eleven goals this season despite being on the side finishing bottom.

Michigami Ayaka (Tokiwagi Gakuen High School) 30 goals

Ito Minako (Vegalta Sendai) 20 goals

Masuya Rika (JFA Academy) 19 goals

Ishibuchi Yuki (Sfida Setagaya) 13 goals
Takahashi Chiho (FC Takahashi) 13 goals

Nakada Maiko (Ehime FC) 12 goals
Nakahara Saori (Vegalta Sendai) 12 goals

Uemura Shoko (Nittaidai) 11 goals
Sugita Ami (FC Takahashi) 11 goals
Toriumi Mai (JSCL) 11 goals

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