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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Challenge League Sixteenth Round

Vegalta Sendai Ladies  3 - 1  Ehime FC Ladies
(Attendance: 1,061)

In the early stages of the season, Vegalta Sendai had travelled to Ehime in high spirits following their impressive start to the season and cruised to an easy 8-0 victory which featured an Ito Minako hat-trick. Despite Ito's continued absence due to injury, the large expectant crowd felt that a comfortable victory would be on the cards. Ehime started with Mitsuhira in goal for the first time having recovered from injury, and also gave a first start to the diminutive 18-year-old Ogawa Manami.

For much of the first half Vegalta did all of the attacking, but without a tall striker to aim at - both teams started with one up front - they found breaking down the Ehime midfield difficult. Finally, just as the first half was coming to a close, a loose ball was picked up by Yasumoto who struck early, lobbing the Ehime keeper who had advanced from her goal line.

In the second half Ehime felt they had nothing to lose and starting to put some pressure on the Sendai goal, hitting the post midway through the first half. At this stage new recruit Kawashima Haruna replaced Takahashi Nana for Sendai in midfield and she set about endearing herself to the Vegalta faithful with some fine attacking play.

However, it was Ehime's inspirational captain and Miyagi local Nakada Maiko who turned the game when she stretched for a long Nishigawa pass and managed to strike home just before Sendai goalkeeper Saita Yuki could reach it.

Sendai didn't panic, but it was great misfortune for the debutant in the Ehime goal which gave them the lead. Mitsuhira attempted to clear the ball following a backpass, but she only succeeded in striking the ball against the onrushing Koyama Kie and the ball ricocheted into the back of the net.

The sense of disappointment for the Ehime players was clearly visible and their attempts to find another equaliser were heavy-hearted. In the third minute of injury time substitute Sakai Yuki scored her third goal in three matches to make the final result appear more comfortable than it actually was.

Ehime are at home next Saturday to the other Sendai team, Tokiwagi Gakuen. Vegalta Sendai now have a break until September.

Mitsuhira Shiori in the Ehime goal can't quite get back to stop
Yasumoto Sawako's lob which gave Vegalta Sendai the lead
New Vegalta player Kawashima Haruna came on midway through the second half.
Here she shoots well but the 'keeper is equal to it.
Miyagi local Nakada Maiko reaches the ball
just before Sendai goalkeeper Saita Yuki to equalise for Ehime
Substitute Sakai Yuki scored the game's final goal -
striking the ball from the far right out of picture
Vegalta Sendai Ladies:
Saita Yuki, Nakamura Mami (capt), Yamamoto Risa, Osafune Kana, Ideue Asako, Takahashi Nana, Kakazu Asuka, Ono Hitomi, Uetsuji Yumi, Nakahara Saori, Yasumoto Sawako
Subs: Koyama Kie (Nakahara Saori, HT), Kawashima Haruna (Takahashi Nana, 67 mins), Sakai Yuki (Nakamura Mami, 69 mins)
Unused subs: Saito Ayaka, Tanaka Keiko
Scorers: Yasumoto Sawako (45 mins), Koyama Kie (78 mins), Sakai Yuki (90+2 mins)

Ehime FC Ladies:
Mitsuhira Shiori, Kushiyama Saki, Onoyama Nana, Hagiwara Masumi, Ogawa Akari, Iwamoto Yuka, Yamashiro Miyuki, Nishigawa Sayumi, Ogawa Manami, Akune Mana, Nakada Maiko (capt)
Subs: Uesato Saki (Ogawa Manami, 90+1 mins), Niwa Mizuho (Nakada Maiko, 90+1 mins)
Unused subs: Osako Hanako, Kikuchi Riho, Marugata Rie
Scorers: Nakada Maiko (73 mins)

Bunnys Kyoto SC  0 - 12  FC Takahashi Kibikokusaidaigaku Charme
(Attendance: 200)

Bunnys' disappointment at losing by seven goals to Tokiwagi Gakuen was compounded when they were comprehensively torn asunder by the visiting students of Takahashi, who last season won one of their meeting with Bunnys by thirteen goals. On that occasion Nishikawa Asuka scored a hat-trick on her way to becoming the Challenge League West's top scorer. Today she didn't score, but was the creator and provider in midfield.

Takahashi Chiho will be pleased with her brace on her return to the starting lineup, Matsushita and Fukui both scored their first goals this year, crowd favourites Takano and Sugita added to their tallies and Kurakazu continued her blistering recent form in scoring six goals.

Bunnys are away to Shizuoka on the 29th of July, while Takahashi's next game is also against Shizuoka, in September.

Bunnys Kyoto SC:
Akiyama Tomomi, Hanazaki Rena, Fujino Aiko, Ii Kiyono (capt), Sada Fumika, Ukita Kotone, Miyai Mina, Watanabe Juri, Yamashita Yu, Kinjo Keina, Fujimoto Ami
Subs: Kawachi Erika (Kinjo Keina, 41 mins), Isashi Kaede (Akiyama Tomomi, 80 mins)
Unused subs: Yanagimura Ayano, Miura Kyoko

FC Takahashi Kibikokusaidaigaku Charme:
Yamamoto Ayaka, Takeda Arisa, Matsushita Fumiko, Muramatsu Mafuyu, Kamata Ran, Takano Saki, Shigemasa Kai, Sugita Ami, Nishikawa Asuka, Takahashi Chiho (capt), Kurakazu Shiho
Subs: Tanaka Shiho (Takeda Arisa, 61 mins), Koike Ayano (Sugita Ami, 79 mins), Fukui Shihori (Matsushita Fumiko, 89 mins), Tachibana Rei (Shigemasa Kai, 89 mins)
Unused subs: Sakamoto Aoi
Scorers: Takahashi Chiho (5, 89 mins), Kurakazu Shiho (11, 40, 45, 49, 68, 84 mins), Takano Saki (14 mins), Matsushita Fumiko (20 mins), Sugita Ami (76 mins), Fukui Shihori (90 mins)

Shizuoka Sangyo University Iwata Bonita  2 - 5  Tokiwagi Gakuen High School
(Attendance: 179)

Tokiwagi's Michigami once again scored early to give the visitors the lead, but Shizuoka struck back quickly to make it 2-1 with thirteen minutes gone. Oda Kanna and Okuda Mika were their scorers; both players have now scored seven each.

The lead was not to last long. Midway through the first half Michigami struck again after some confusion in the Shizuoka defence, and at half-time the score was two apiece.

Shizuoka were a match for the schoolgirls in the second half, but from four attempts Tokiwagi scored three goals. From midfield Sasaki Miwa and Hirata Miki scored one each, both goals created by Horii Mizuki. In the final minute Michigami headed home for her sixth hat-trick of the season.

Tokiwagi are next week away to Ehime, while Shizuoka have what they hope will be a comfortable game against Bunnys Kyoto.

Shizuoka Sangyo University Iwata Bonita:
Takahashi Miharu, Nishiyama Mei, Sayama Momoko, Kanefuda Anzu (capt), Hirata Misato, Kanno Mie, Ito Mari, Suzuki Rina, Shirai Aoi, Okuda Mika, Oda Kanna
Subs: Komagata Nana (Okuda Mika, 53 mins), Kitaoka Chiaki (Shirai Aoi, 77 mins)
Unused subs: Maehara Ringo, Matsuno Miyuki, Takahata Airi
Scorers: Oda Kanna (11 mins), Okuda Mika (13 mins)
Booked: Kanno Mie

Tokiwagi Gakuen High School:
Hayashizaki Mei, Takamura Chisato, Okamori Kasane, Okakura Mika (capt), Kosuda Rina, Hirata Miki, Matsuura Nagisa, Sasaki Miwa, Horii Mizuki, Mitamura Momoko, Michigami Ayaka
Subs: Kakinoki Runa (Matsuura Nagisa, HT), Yahata Asuka (Mitamura Momoko, 68 mins), Hirakuni Mizuki (Sasaki Miwa, 74 mins)
Unused subs: Fukumura Kanae, Kitsuyama Yui
Scorers: Michigami Ayaka (4, 21, 89 mins), Sasaki Miwa (66 mins), Hirata Miki (82 mins)

Nittaidai Football Club Ladies  0 - 1  Sfida Setagaya FC
(Attendance: 150)

Setagaya captain Kawashima Tamai smashed home a 90th minute winner for Sfida Setagaya which renewed their hopes of catching Takahashi in the race for promotion. Neither side made much impression on goal in the first half but in the second the game became more open and chances fell to both sides, with Nittaidai's top striker Uemura Shoko missing three chances to score.

Setagaya move to within ten points of Takahashi with a game in hand and with the two teams meeting in October in the middle of a run of four difficult games for the students.

Nittaidai are in action twice in the next week, playing JFA Academy on Thursday followed by a home game against JSCL on Sunday.

Nittaidai Football Club Ladies:
Yamamoto Arisa, Yamagata Hisami, Togashi Kaori, Nagashima Hikari, Fujisawa Marin, Oguri Mao, Takashima Ruriko (capt), Kitano Rie, Uemura Shoko, Shimada Chiaki, Yamaguchi Minami
Subs: Kudo Asami (Yamaguchi Minami, 67 mins), Ishii Chiharu (Takashima Ruriko, 72 mins), Sato Minami (Kitano Rie, 82 mins)
Unused subs: Kamimura Aya, Yamana Maki

Sfida Setagaya FC:
Kawaguchi Mana, Fukuhara Nao, Kawashima Tamai (capt), Tanaka Marina, Nagata Maya, Oshima Sayuri, Tanaka Mariko, Mori Hitomi, Sasago Masae, Minemoto Chizuru, Nagasawa Yume
Subs: Okada Ayame (Tanaka Marina, 90+1 mins), Usuda Haruka (Oshima Sayuri, 82 mins), Nakaoka Momoko (Nagasawa Yume, 90+2 mins), Ishibuchi Yuki (Minemoto Chizuru, 61 mins)
Unused subs: Osaki Aimi
Scorers: Kawashima Tamai (90 mins)

AC Nagano Parceiro Ladies  0 - 1  Japan Soccer College Ladies
(Attendance: 269)

JSCL's first win of the season finally arrived, and in beating Nagano overtook their hosts at the bottom of the table. Inevitably it was captain Toriumi Mai who scored the winner, shooting home right-footed with eleven minutes remaining. Toriumi is now her side's top scorer with four goals.

JSCL visit Nittaidai next weekend for a stern challenge, while Nagano must wait until September for their next match, a daunting trip north to play Vegalta Sendai.

AC Nagano Parceiro Ladies:
Matsumoto Azumi, Murayama Yuri, Tanaka Nami, Hatano Saki, Yamashita Mayumi, Hamagaki Kana, Satou Kaede, Takagi Nao (capt), Kitagawa Minamo, Uchiyama Tomoyo, Urasaki Yuka
Subs: Sayama Marina (Yamashita Mayumi, 79 mins), Hashiura Satsuki (Kitagawa Minamo, 81 mins)
Unused subs: Hanabusa Misa
Booked: Hatano Saki, Kitagawa Minamo, Murayama Yuri

Japan Soccer College Ladies:
Fukada Ayami, Usui Rika, Kusakari Ayako, Takahashi Sakura, Hayashimoto Saki, Nakayama Aoi, Sasaki Shiori, Sakaguchi Yuki, Toriumi Mai (capt), Iwasaki Manami, Shanou Miki
Subs: Kato Yoshimi (Takahashi Sakura, HT)
Unused subs: Goto Sanae, Matsumoto Hotaru, Hashimoto Ayaka, Toyota Yuri
Scorers: Toriumi Mai (79 mins)

JFA Academy Fukushima  3 - 0  Nittaidai Football Club Ladies
(Attendance: 42)

Nittaidai's second defeat in a matter of days appears to have dashed their chances of winning the Challenge League, and has given Sfida Setagaya a chance to catch them, six points behind but with two games in hand. Kamimura Aya started her first game in goal this season for Nittaidai, but disaster was to strike as in the fourth minute she was sent off for impeding an Academy player. Yamaguchi Minami made way for replacement keeper Aoyagi Maririn and with little forward presence for the students the JFA Academy girls eased their way to victory.

Masuya Rika scored her sixteenth of the season in the ninth minute to take her clear in second place in the scoring charts. Early in the second half her through ball fed the ever-impressive Kojima Miku who slotted home her fifth of the season. With five minutes remaining another U-17 World Cup hopeful Narumiya Yui scored from midfield, with Kojima this time the provider.

The Academy players next play on the fifth of August while Nittaidai next play in September.

JFA Academy Fukushima:
Hirao Chika, Moriya Miyabi, Yamamori Anna, Miyake Shiori (capt), Yoshitake Manami, Kojima Hikaru, Mizutani Yuki, Narumiya Yui, Kadoi Megumi, Kojima Miku, Masuya Rika
Subs: Sunaga Manami (Kojima Hikaru, 76 mins)
Unused subs: Mori Sayaka
Scorers: Masuya Rika (9 mins), Kojima Miku (48 mins), Narumiya Yui (85 mins)

Nittaidai Football Club Ladies:
Kamimura Aya, Yamagata Hisami, Togashi Kaori, Nagashima Hikari, Fujisawa Marin, Oguri Mao, Shimokawa Saori (capt), Yamana Maki, Takashima Ruriko, Shimada Chiaki, Yamaguchi Minami
Subs: Aoyagi Maririn (Yamaguchi Minami, 4 mins), Uemura Shoko (Yamana Maki, HT), Toriyabe Kozue (Yamagata Hisami, 61 mins), Sato Minami (Nagashima Hikari, 72 mins), Ishii Chiharu (Shimada Chiaki, 83 mins)
Sent Off: Kamimura Aya

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