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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Challenge League Playoff Standings

Playoff Series for Positions 1 to 4
1Shizuoka Sangyo University33008179
2Bunnys Kyoto SC320156-16
3Yamato Sylphid301235-21
4FC Jumonji Ventus301204-41

Playoff Series for Positions 5 to 8
5Ange Violet Hiroshima32014226
6Tokiwagi Gakuen High School32013216
7NGU Loveledge Nagoya32013306
8Niigata UHW300314-30

Playoff Series for Positions 9 to 12
9JFA Academy Fukushima31205145
10Fukuoka J. Anclas31203035
11Norddea Hokkaido31202115
12Tsukuba FC Ladies300308-80

Congratulations to Shizuoka Sangyo University Iwata Bonita on their Challenge League victory. They have been promoted to Nadeshiko League Division 2 for the 2018 season. Bunnys Kyoto SC will play FC Kibikokusaidaigaku Charme in a two-legged playoff to determine in which division each will play next season.

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