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Saturday, 31 December 2016

All-Japan Girls' Senior High School Championships 2016 - Second Round

Second Round Matches, ties played on Saturday 31st of December:

Match 17:
Fujieda Junshin High School  2 - 0  Okayama Sakuyo High School
(Attendance: 750)

Match 18:
Maebashi Ikuei High School  1 - 8  Daisho Gakuen High School
(Attendance: 350)

Match 19:
Seiwa Gakuen High School  2 - 0  St. Capitanio Girls' High School
(Attendance: 320)

Match 20:
Kamimura Gakuen High School  1 - 1  Shonan Gakuin High School
Kamimura Gakuen High School win 3-2 on penalties
(Attendance: 480)

Match 21:
Hinomoto Gakuen Senior High School  0 - 3  Jumonji Senior High School
(Attendance: 400)

Match 22:
Hokkaido Bunkyo University Meisei High School  0 - 1  Bunkyo High School attached to Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's University
(Attendance: 160)

Match 23:
Hanasaki Tokuhara High School  0 - 5  Shutoku Senior High School
(Attendance: 170)

Match 24:
Shikoku Gakuin University Kagawa Nishi High School  0 - 2  Tokiwagi Gakuen High School
(Attendance: 300)

Quarter Final Matches, ties to be played on Wednesday 4th of January:

Match 25:
Fujieda Junshin High School versus Daisho Gakuen High School

Match 26:
Seiwa Gakuen High School versus Kamimura Gakuen High School

Match 27:
Jumonji Senior High School versus Bunkyo High School attached to Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's University

Match 28:
Shutoku Senior High School versus Tokiwagi Gakuen High School

Semi Final Matches, ties to be played on Friday 6th of January:

Match 29:
Winners of Match 25 versus Winners of Match 26

Match 30:
Winners of Match 27 versus Winners of Match 28

Final Match, to be played on Sunday 8th of January:

Match 31:
Winners of Match 29 versus Winners of Match 30

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