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Sunday, 9 October 2016

All-Japan Women's Inter-Collegiate Championships 2016 - Latest Results & Standings

Kanto - First Division

1Nippon Sport Science University65101821616
2Waseda University65101311216
3Musashigaoka College641176113
4Kanagawa University6303811-39
5Tokyo International University62229638
6Toyo University622237-48
7Teikyo Heisei University6204510-56
8Daito Bunka University6033510-53
9Juntendo University6024310-72
10Keio University6024311-82

October 9th:
Tokyo International University  2 - 0  Keio University
Toyo University  1 - 0  Teikyo Heisei University
Waseda University  4 - 1  Kanagawa University
Juntendo University  2 - 2  Daito Bunka University
Nippon Sport Science University  4 - 1  Musashigaoka College

Kanto - Second Division

1University of Tsukuba66001431118
2Kanto Gakuen University65012872115
3Yamanashi Gakuin University6321145911
4Shobi University6312123910
5Kokushikan University5311113810
6University of Yamanashi530213769
7Tokai University630368-29
8Tokyo Women's College of P.E.6105420-163
9Japan Women's College of P.E.6006225-230
10Jumonji University6006124-230

October 9th:
Kanto Gakuen University  3 - 2  University of Yamanashi
Kokushikan University  1 - 0  Shobi University
University of Tsukuba  1 - 0  Tokai University
Yamanashi Gakuin University  4 - 0  Jumonji University
Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education  1 - 0  Japan Women's College of Physical Education

Kanto - Third Division

1Bunkyo University66003913818
2Nihon University55004544115
3Chiba University55001411315
4Ryutsu Keizai University44003103112
5Teikyo University5203414-106
6Tokyo University of F.S.6123722-155
7Seijo University5113420-164
8Tokyo Gakugei University4103210-83
9Tokyo University of I.S.4013117-161
10University of Tokyo6006124-230
11Saitama University4004035-350

October 9th:
Seijo University  2 - 2  Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Chiba University  2 - 0  University of Tokyo
Bunkyo University  5 - 0  Tokyo University of Information Sciences / Chuo Gakuin University
Ryutsu Keizai University  6 - 0  Teikyo University
Tokyo Gakugei University  2 - 0  Saitama University

Kansai - First Division

1Osaka University of H.S.S.44004404412
2Himeji Dokkyo University44004224012
3Otemon Gakuin University44002021812
4Mukogawa Women's University4310115610
5Seisen University4013216-141
6Osaka International University4004217-150
7Kwansei Gakuin University4004328-250
8Biwako Seikei Sport College4004256-540

October 8th:
Himeji Dokkyo University  2 - 1  Osaka International University
Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences  14 - 0  Kwansei Gakuin University
Otemon Gakuin University  12 - 0  Biwako Seikei Sport College
Mukogawa Women's University  2 - 2  Seisen University

Kansai - Second Division Block A

1Meiji Univ. of Integrative Medicine3300210219
2Kobe Shinwa Women's University2200310316
3Osaka Kyoiku University2101154113
4Wakayama University2002014-140
5Hyogo University of T.E.3003049-490

October 8th:
Meiji University of Integrative Medicine  13 - 0  Hyogo University of Teacher Education
Kobe Shinwa Women's University  10 - 0  Wakayama University

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