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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Kanto League Division Two Promotion Playoffs

First Round Matches, played on Saturday 23rd of January:

Match 1:
Daito Bunka University  0 - 0  University of Yamanashi
University of Yamanashi win 5-3 on penalties

Match 2:
Kashima-LSC  1 - 4  FC Jumonji Ventus

Match 3:
Kanagawa University  -  Orca Kamogawa FC
Kanagawa University progressed automatically due to Orca Kamogawa FC's promotion to the Challenge League

Match 4:
Tokai University  5 - 0  Kawachi SC Juvenile

Second Round Matches, played on Sunday 24th of January:

Match 5:
University of Yamanashi  0 - 2  FC Jumonji Ventus

Match 6:
Kanagawa University  2 - 1  Tokai University

Third Round Match, to be played on Saturday 30th of January:

Match 7:
FC Jumonji Ventus - Kanagawa University

Promotion/Relegation Matches, to be played on Sunday 31st of January:

Match 8:
Winner of Match 7 - Tochigi Soccer Club Ladies

Match 9:
Ota Ladies SC Esperanza - Loser of Match 7

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