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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tokai League Promotion Play-Offs

Division One Playoff

Iga FC Kunoichi Satellite  10 - 0  Tokoha Gakuen Tachibana Junior High School

Iga FC Kunoichi Satellite join Aichi Toho University, who were automatically promoted, in Division One next season. FC Gifu Belta were automatically relegated and they are joined in Division Two by Tokoha Gakuen Tachibana Junior High School.

Division Two Playoffs

Three teams applied for entry to the Tokai League. The winner of the round-robin tournament between the three would be promoted automatically, replacing Juven F.C. who finished bottom in 2014. The second-placed team would play another playoff game against Kariya FC Project Sonia who were second-from-bottom.

Match 1:
NGU Nagoya FC Ladies Youth  7 - 0  Shimada Princess

Match 2:
Veertien Kuwana Ladies  0 - 3  NGU Nagoya FC Ladies Youth

Match 3:
Shimada Princess  1 - 1  Veertien Kuwana Ladies

NGU Nagoya FC Ladies Youth are promoted to Division Two for the 2015 season. Veertien Kuwana Ladies finished as runners-up and will play Kariya FC Project Sonia on March 8th in the final playoff match.

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