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Sunday, 19 October 2014

All-Japan Women's Inter-Collegiate Championships 2014 - Latest Results & Standings

Kanto - Third Division

1Yamanashi Gakuin University66006235918
2Jumonji University66003252718
3Chiba University76012662018
4Tokyo Gakugei University6411125713
5University of Tokyo74031112-112
6Teikyo University72141120-97
7Tokyo University of F.S.6114725-184
8Saitama University7106731-243
9Seijo University6015225-231
10Ibaraki University6006139-380

Tokyo University of F.S. is the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

October 19th:
Jumonji University  5 - 0  Saitama University
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies  1 - 1  Seijo University
Teikyo University  0 - 2  University of Tokyo
Ibaraki University  0 - 11  Yamanashi Gakuin University

Kansai - Second Division Play-offs

Second Division Ninth-place Play-off Match:

October 18th:
Hyogo University of Teacher Education  1 - 1  Kobe Women's University
Kobe Women's University win 3-2 on penalties

The Hyogo University of Teacher Education finish ninth. Kobe Women's University now enter a series of play-offs to determine the fifth to eighth-placed rankings.


1IPU Women's College2200481476
2Ehime University2200181176
3Matsuyama University31021124-133
4Tokushima Bunri University3003051-510

October 18th:
Matsuyama University  9 - 0  Tokushima Bunri University

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