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Monday, 5 May 2014

Liga Student Results and Standings (May 5th)

Kanto League Group A

1Shobi University66002271518
2University of Yamanashi530215879
3Jumonji High School4202211296
4Tokyo International University4202914-56
5Bunkyo Gakuin Univ. Girls' SHS310247-33
6Japan Aviation High School4103815-73
7Yokohama Suiryo High School2002412-80
8Hanasaki Tokuhara High School2002210-80

April 29th:
Japan Aviation High School  1 - 6  University of Yamanashi

May 3rd, 4th and 5th:
Tokyo International University  1 - 3  Shobi University
University of Yamanashi  1 - 3  Tokyo International University
Shobi University  3 - 1  University of Yamanashi

Kanto League Group B

1Keio University4310123910
2Musashigaoka College321014777
3Kanto Gakuen University421113857
4Tokyo Women's College of PE52031215-36
5Seiritsu Gakuen High School21106244
6Makuhari Sohgoh High School4103814-63
7Honjo Daiichi High School2002311-80
8Murata Girls' High School200208-80

May 3rd, 4th and 5th:
Musashigaoka College  3 - 3  Kanto Gakuen University
Kanto Gakuen University  6 - 1  Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education
Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education  3 - 4  Musashigaoka College

Kanto League Group C

1Shonan Gakuin High School330011299
2Kanagawa University32016336
3University of Tsukuba42028626
4Shutoku Senior High School32016426
5Tokyo Met. Asuka High School21016513
6Kuki High School210136-33
7Daito Bunka University3003410-60
8Ota Municipal Comm. High School2002210-80

May 3rd:
Daito Bunka University  1 - 3  University of Tsukuba

Kansai League Group A

1Himeji Dokkyo University3300122109
2Hinomoto Gakuen Senior HS22006066
3Tokuyama University42025506
4Mukogawa Women's University520369-36
5Daisho Gakuen High School100101-10
6Osaka Seisho High School3003113-120

May 3rd:
Mukogawa Women's University  0 - 2  Tokuyama University

May 4th:
Tokuyama University  3 - 0  Osaka Seisho High School

Kansai League Group B

1Osaka University of HSS413013766
2Okayama Sakuyo High School31117344
3Kibi International University21104314
4Kobe Shinwa Women's University3111711-44
5Osaka Toin High School20204402
6Kyoto Seika Gakuen High School200229-70

April 29th:
Kibi International University  2 - 1  Okayama Sakuyo High School

May 3rd:
Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences  4 - 4  Kobe Shinwa Women's University

Tohoku League Group B

1Meisei High School3300241239
2Tohoku High School21016513
3Seiwa Gakuen High School00000000
4Tsuruoka Higashi High School100107-70
5Mizusawa High School2002017-170

April 29th:
Tsuruoka Higashi High School  0 - 7  Meisei High School

May 4th:
Mizusawa High School  0 - 5  Tohoku High School

Tohoku League Group C

1Sendai University2200210216
2Kitakami High School31206335
3Yamagata Johoku High School21102024
4Tomioka High School201127-51
5Yamagata Nishi High School3003122-210

April 29th:
Tomioka High School  2 - 2  Senshu University Kitakami High School

May 3rd:
Yamagata Nishi High School  1 - 4  Senshu University Kitakami High School
Senshu University Kitakami High School  0 - 0  Yamagata Johoku High School


1Japan Soccer College Ladies43012612149
2Fukui Senior High School3210211207
3Japan Soccer College High School211010374
4Niigata UHW11009453
5Toyama Univ. of IS High School3102215-133
6Fukui University of Technology2002412-80
7Seiryo High School3003126-250

April 29th:
Niigata University of Health and Welfare  9 - 4  Japan Soccer College Ladies

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