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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Liga Student Results and Standings (April 27th)

Kanto League Group A

1Shobi University44001651112
2Jumonji High School4202211296
3University of Yamanashi22007166
4Japan Aviation High School310279-23
5 Bunkyo Gakuin Univ. Girls' SHS310247-33
6Tokyo International University2101510-53
7Yokohama Suiryo High School2002412-80
8Hanasaki Tokuhara High School2002210-80

April 26th:
Shobi University  4 - 2  Jumonji High School

Kanto League Group B

1Keio University4310123910
2Tokyo Women's College of PE32018536
3Seiritsu Gakuen High School21106244
4Musashigaoka College11007163
5Kanto Gakuen University21014403
6Makuhari Sohgoh High School4103814-63
7Honjo Daiichi High School2002311-80
8Murata Girls' High School200208-80

April 27th:
Keio University  3 - 1  Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education

Kansai League Group A

1Himeji Dokkyo University3300122109
2Hinomoto Gakuen Senior HS22006066
3Mukogawa Women's University420267-16
4Daisho Gakuen High School100101-10
5Tokuyama University200205-50
6Osaka Seisho High School2002110-90

April 27th:
Mukogawa Women's University  0 - 3  Hinomoto Gakuen Senior High School

Kansai League Group B

1Osaka University of HSS31209365
2Okayama Sakuyo High School21106154
3Kobe Shinwa Women's University210137-43
4Osaka Toin High School20204402
5Kibi International University10102201
6Kyoto Seika Gakuen High School200229-70

April 26th:
Okayama Sakuyo High School  5 - 0  Kobe Shinwa Women's University

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