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Sunday, 16 December 2012

The 34th Empress' Cup - Quarter Final Results

Fourth Round Matches, ties played on Sunday 16th of December:

Match 25:
INAC Kobe Leonessa  4 - 0  AS Elfen Sayama FC
(Attendance: 1,455)

INAC Kobe had no trouble whatsoever in marching into the semi-finals with a very comfortable 4-0 win over relegated Sayama. Within a minute of kickoff Goebel-Yanez had given them the lead, and there was never going to be any other result. An own goal on the half-hour mark was quickly followed by a third for Kawasumi Nahomi. Tanaka Yoko, who had replaced the injured Goebel-Yanez in the first half, added another just after the restart and thereafter INAC could enjoy themselves. The one remaining highlight of the game was the return of Kyokawa Mai, injured since early in the season. INAC Kobe next take on Urawa for a place in the final.

INAC Kobe Leonessa:
Kaihori Ayumi, Kinga Yukari, Takara Ryoko, Kai Junko (capt), Rebecca Moros, Tanaka Asuna, Minamiyama Chiaki, Nakajima Emi, Kawasumi Nahomi, Takase Megumi, Beverly Goebel-Yanez
Subs: Tanaka Yoko (Beverly Goebel-Yanez, 21 mins), Nakada Ayu (Minamiyama Chiaki, HT), Kyokawa Mai (Kawasumi Nahomi, 76 mins)
Unused subs: Takenaka Rei, Shimizu Akane
Scorers: Beverly Goebel-Yanez (1 mins), Own Goal (30 mins), Kawasumi Nahomi (32 mins), Tanaka Yoko (46 mins)

AS Elfen Sayama FC:
Arima Shizuka, Shibata Satomi, Kumagai Sayaka, Takahashi Yuko, Yajima Yuki, Azami Rie, Watanabe Ayaka, Uchida Saki, Hagiwara Aimi, Muraoka Natsuki (capt), Nara Misaki
Subs: Saito Yuri (Nara Misaki, 61 mins), Suzuki Kaoruko (Muraoka Natsuki, 61 mins), Kiyohara Yuuko (Yajima Yuki, 79 mins)
Unused subs: Kobayashi Maiko, Kawai Nayo
Booked: Hagiwara Aimi

Match 26:
JFA Academy Fukushima  0 - 3  Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies
(Attendance: 841)

Having surprised Niigata last week, the Academy girls couldn't repeat the trick against Urawa, who scored twice in the first fifteen minutes to dampen the Academy's enthusiasm. Kato Chika opened the scoring, and her goal was quickly followed by another from Tsuchihashi. The veteran defender, who hadn't scored all season, has now scored in consecutive matches, and just as in last week's match, her goal proved to be the decisive blow. The Academy were restricted to two shots on goal in the match, and with Goto's third goal they succumbed to their heaviest defeat of the season. Their season is over, while Urawa attempt to overcome heavy favourites INAC Kobe in the semi-finals.

JFA Academy Fukushima:
Inoue Nene, Sunaga Manami, Miyake Shiori (capt), Yoshitake Manami, Norimatsu Ruka, Narumiya Yui, Mizutani Yuki, Moriya Miyabi, Kitagawa Hikaru, Kojima Miku, Masuya Rika
Subs: Kojima Hikaru (Masuya Rika, 86 mins), Mori Sayaka (Mizutani Yuki, 88 mins)
Unused subs: Yamamori Anna, Hashinuma Maho, Kadoi Megumi

Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies:
Ikeda Sakiko, Tsuchihashi Yuki, Yano Kyoko (capt), Dozono Ayano, Sakamoto Riho, Kishikawa Natsuki, Fujita Nozomi, Niwata Akiko, Shibata Hanae, Kato Chika, Goto Michi
Subs: Naomoto Hikaru (Niwata Akiko, 59 mins), Takeyama Yuko (Dozono Ayano, 67 mins), Yasuda Yuki (Fujita Nozomi, 78 mins)
Unused subs: Yamago Nozomi, Arakawa Eriko
Scorers: Kato Chika (12 mins), Tsuchihashi Yuki (15 mins), Goto Michi (70 mins)

Match 27:
Okayama Yunogo Belle  1 - 2  Iga FC Kunoichi
(Attendance: 807)

Just as in the League Cup Iga overcame the favourites Belle by two goals to one to advance to the semi-finals. Nakade Hikari was off the mark quickly, scoring following some confusion in the Belle penalty area. Sensing trouble, Yamaguchi Mami was introduced early for Nakagawa and she equalised just before half-time to add to the two goals she scored against Nojima. In the second half Iga regrouped and retook the lead in the 66th minute, with their top scorer Kobayashi Makiko heading in past Fukumoto. Iga next take on JEF United, and will be determined to reach the final in Miyamoto Tomomi's last season.

Okayama Yunogo Belle:
Fukumoto Miho (capt), Yasuda Kuniko, Kado Yuka, Shigemoto Shiho, Tsuhako Yumiko, Takahashi Haruka, Nakano Manami, Nakagawa Chihiro, Miyama Aya, Arimachi Saori, Matsuoka Miki
Subs: Yamaguchi Mami (Nakagawa Chihiro, 28 mins), Mizushima Kumi (Shigemoto Shiho, 62 mins)
Unused subs: Sakai Nozomi, Nakamura Miki, Yokoyama Kumi
Scorers: Yamaguchi Mami (43 mins)
Booked: Nakano Manami

Iga FC Kunoichi:
Kuno Fubuki, Yamaguchi Ayako, Ono Suzuka (capt), Miyasako Tamami, Miyamoto Tomomi, Nasu Maiko, Noichi Aya, Tsutsumi Saki, Fujimoto Ayano, Kobayashi Makiko, Nakade Hikari
Subs: Matsunaga Tomoe (Noichi Aya, 90 mins), Haji Madoka (Tsutsumi Saki, 90+4 mins), Sonomura Nana (Nakade Hikari, 86 mins)
Unused subs: Ono Maya, Michikura Hiroko
Scorers: Nakade Hikari (4 mins), Kobayashi Makiko (66 mins)
Booked: Miyamoto Tomomi

Match 28: 
JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies  2 - 2  NTV Beleza - JEF United Ladies win 4-2 on penalties
(Attendance: 936)

Beleza once again found themselves knocked out of the Cup on penalty kicks, with JEF United their conquerors today. Twice Ito Kanako had given Beleza the lead only for Ikadai Risa to pounce on two chances to level. Ito gave Beleza the lead after fifteen minutes, scoring direct from a free kick, but within twelve minutes Ikadai had equalised. Ito scored again in the 54th minute, and with Beleza having beaten JEF United twice this season by large margins (4-0 and 4-1), they surely felt they would go on to win. Ikadai though, scorer of only one league goal this season, once again equalised when following up on her own saved penalty kick.

Following twenty minutes of scoreless extra-time, the game went to a penalty shootout, with JEF United shooting first. The first three kicks were successful, putting JEF United 2-1 up. For Beleza Kiryu missed her kick, though she felt temporary relief as Kawamura then missed for JEF United. Young Momiki Yuka equalised, though Sudo Akiko missed Beleza's next kick. With Yanai having scored for JEF United, it meant that Fukusawa Risa had the responsibility of the final decisive kick, and she put it away with aplomb, putting her side through to a semi-final match with the Kunoichi, and their best chance of reaching a major final.

JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies:
Funada Mayu, Sakuramoto Naoko, Takahashi Sachie, Hosokawa Motoyo, Kawamura Mariko, Ikadai Risa, Hosaka Nodoka, Yanai Rina, Fukasawa Risa, Ogawa Shiho, Shimizu Yuka (capt)
Subs: Kawamura Noriko (Shimizu Yuka, 70 mins)
Unused subs: Yamane Erina, Tezuka Saori, Chino Shoko, Yamamoto Naomi
Scorers: Ikadai Risa (27, 75 mins)
Booked: Kawamura Mariko

NTV Beleza:
Matsubayashi Miku, Sudo Akiko, Kobayashi Misaki, Iwashimizu Azusa (capt), Ariyoshi Saori, Hara Natsuko, Ito Kanako, Kinoshita Shiori, Nagasato Asano, Kiryu Nanase, Tanaka Mina
Subs: Nakasato Yu (Kinoshita Shiori, HT), Kobayashi Miharu (Kobayashi Misaki, 70 mins), Momiki Yuka (Tanaka Mina, 109 mins)
Unused subs: Soyama Kanako, Doko Mayo
Scorers: Ito Kanako (15, 54 mins)
Booked: Kiryu Nanase

Semi Final Matches, ties to be played on Saturday 22nd of December:

Match 29:  
INAC Kobe Leonessa
Urawa Red Diamonds Ladies
Match 30: 
Iga FC Kunoichi
JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies

Final Match, to be played on Monday 24th of December:

Match 31: 
Winners of Match 29
Winners of Match 30

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