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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Challenge League Promotion Play-offs

First Round Matches, played November 3rd:

Match 1:
Shimizu Daihachi Pleiades  1 - 1  Tsukuba FC Ladies
Tsukuba FC Ladies win 5-4 on penalties after extra time
(Attendance: 116)

Match 2:
Mashiki Renaissance Kumamoto FC  2 - 0  Toyota Ladies FC
(Attendance: 54)

Second Round Matches, played November 5th:

Match 3:
Ehime FC Ladies  3 - 1  Tsukuba FC Ladies
(Attendance: 108)

Match 4:
Japan Soccer College Ladies  3 - 1  Mashiki Renaissance Kumamoto FC
(Attendance: 100)

Final Match, played November 6th:

Match 5:
Ehime FC Ladies  1 - 2  Japan Soccer College Ladies
(Attendance: 75)

Japan Soccer College Ladies are promoted to the Challenge League for the 2012 season. Ehime FC Ladies progress to a play-off against Norddea Hokkaido for the final place.

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